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Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 provides powerful, advanced video color grading
| Jeff Foster | MacWorld
While it’s a powerful color grading and filmic effects creation tool with 3D stereographic finishing capabilities, it may not be for everyone, or practical to use on every video production you edit. The workflow takes some getting used to, but if its effects are needed, the learning curve will prove worthwhile.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Review | Ron Risman | CameraTown
Premiere Pro is not a consumer piece of software, and as such, it really shines when it has the necessary power, ram, and storage to let itself go. While Premiere Pro CS6 will run on most computers with a minimum of 4GB of memory, there are some basic hardware requirements that your PC should have to really allow the software to shine. First, your PC needs to have a 64-bit processor (most of the computers in the past 3-4 years do).

Why Can't We Have Beautiful Digital Cinema Cameras? | Joe Marine | NoFilmSchool
Article that seems to be arguing that the look of cameras is just as important as what they do:
It’s nice to see camera designers beginning to appreciate that a $100,000 camera shouldn’t just be a sensor shoved into a grey box. Blackmagic is one of the first companies in a long time that has very carefully considered all of the these factors when they designed the Cinema Camera.

Canon 1Dx v Canon 5D3 | James Miller | Vimeo
The Canon 1D X is arriving in more hands:
My thoughts. It appears that the 1Dx has a very different strength OLPF or type, you almost get a pixel shift that makes it look like refraction of an image. I suspect it will show signs of aliasing (minimal) and if you look at the clock on the left of the frame you can see this. Should have done an off tripod shot of these bricks.
But it certainly appear much sharper at 100%. Yes you can bring the 5D3 up in sharpness but you could also add to the 1Dx but with caution.

Analyze the Frame: Cinematic Sony NEX-FS700 Test Footage | Tony Reale
| NextWaveDV
A look at the performance of the Sony NEX-FS700:
I’ve been hearing people say that the Sony FS700 is too “videoish”. I recently shot a short action film which was my first chance to really test out the FS700. Each scene was lit and setup as you would any true film. In these scenarios I was really blown away by the image from the FS700. Coming from a Canon 5D MkII, the FS700′s codec held up so much better while still having a ton more dynamic range.

According To Coppola, A $700 Video Camera Beats A $65,000 One
| Michael Hession | Gizmodo
More comments on the Zacuto Camera Shootout:
The contenders included a wide range of cameras, ranging from the $65,000 Sony F65, right down to the iPhone 4. Audiences of filmmakers around the world were shown each camera's results, the names of each camera remaining a mystery. The most favored machine, to the shock of many, turned out to be the $700 Panasonic GH2 micro four-thirds camera.

Misconceptions about the Zacuto shootout - the obvious and the not so obvious
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew explains why the Panasonic GH2 really is the best camera:
Misconception - "Coppola did not pick "the GH2" as having the best technical performance, he picked the way it was used as being more appealing than the way some of the others were."
This is only half true. Any shot is a marriage of 'the way the tool was used' and 'the technical performance'. The resulting shot is the sum of all parts. You cannot give the camera no credit or say the camera doesn't matter, even if the lighting was a bigger factor, the camera still plays a critical role in delivering the image.

Interview with Bruce Sharpe of Singular Software | Aharon Rabinowitz | Red Giant
Singular's software has been acquired by Red Giant. Bruce Sharpe explains:
In this interview, I sit down with Bruce Sharpe, CEO of Singular Software to talk about what all this acquisition stuff means for the future, and how it will effect existing and new customers.

Updating my MacPro | AOTG
Upgrading your MacPro with a PC card, the EVGA GTX570 Nivida GeForce (though it's discontinued):
Yes this card is a PC not designed or officially supported by Apple. (Warning I am not responsible for any damages caused if you attempt this on your on MacPro towers. ) However thanks to a great colleague form twitter Juan Salvo I did not have to spend a huge chunk of cash on another Quadro 4000. I could spend less than half that price on a PC graphics card known as the Nividia GTX570, and to my amazement, installing it is a simple plug and play.

Final Cut Pro X: Apply Limiter Filter to Audio Clips | Larry Jordan | YouTube
In this Final Cut Pro X webinar preview, Larry Jordan shows you how to apply the limiter filter to your audio clips - Enjoy!

Picosteady: the NEW Steadicam-like Stabilizer for iPhone | TAZ GOLDSTEIN
| Hand Held Hollywood
A Kickstarter campaign for a stabilizer for the iPhone (do we really need another one?):
There’s no denying the Picosteady bears more than a passing resemblance to Stedicam’s Smoothee stabilizer (or other stabilizers of it’s ilk). But, I suppose that simply proves the design has been effective

Have you recently switched from FCP 7 to another NLE? | Poll Code
An internet poll (so use only for your own amusement) of what Final Cut Pro 7 users have switched to (results as at 10:55PM, July 16):

Sony NEX-FS700 Clips
Everyone is getting their hands on the Sony NEX-FS700 now

Copter Kids FS700 Slow Motion Test | Trent Palmer | Vimeo
Just got our hands on our new Sony FS700 and wanted to do a quick test of the super slow motion mode from the air. Results turned out pretty killer. Big thanks to Paul Mudd for letting us play up at his place and for pouring an entire beer on himself so we could see what it looked like in slow motion! Behind the scenes footage by Scott Horn.

Sony FS700 test - Whistler BC | Switchback Entertainment | Vimeo
Our FS700 just arrived, so we took it out and played with it for a couple of hours today. The shots in this edit are mostly 240 fps and 480 fps. Good fun! Expect to see nothing but super-slow motion for the next year or so! haha
Shot with the Sony 18-200 kit lens (can't wait to see what it can do with some good glass) Anyone got a metabones canon adapter they want to get rid of?

Epic Slow Mo with the Sony FS700 - Production Diary #1 | NeumannFilms
| YouTube
The Sony NEX-FS700 is ours for the weekend and we are attempting to create three videos during that time. An Epic Slow Mo video, a camera review (more like my impressions), and comparing it to another camera in the price range. This is a behind the scenes look at one scene for the Epic Slow Mo video.

Eye Dee 4 - Slow-Motion - Sony NEX-FS700 | Todd Sheridan | Vimeo
@ 240 frames per second. Shot on the Sony NEX FS-700 with Canon lenses (via Metabones adapter).

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