Friday, July 20, 2012

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The next BIG THING is coming | Sony Professional | Facebook
Sony Professional has posted the following graphic on their Facebook page and invited people to guess what's coming. Given that they say to stay tuned to, it would appear to be some sort of professional video camera. Could it be a new version of the PMW-F3? Or 4K support for the NEX-FS700? Or something else entirely?

Preparing for Battle as a No-Budget Filmmaker | LEWIS MCGREGOR | Dare Dreamer
Lewis documents his low-budget production:
There is a high chance that a no-budget filmmaker will have 3 things — a DSLR, a pirated copy of Adobe’s software, and an overall amount of knowledge of special effects from Video Copilot. When you start the film you start at the very bottom, once your cast has been cast, locations found and it comes to the end of your pre-production as a no-budget filmmaker you may have noticed you have solely inherited these responsibilities

Epic Slow Mo with the Sony FS700 | Luke | Neumann Films
Another blog post on producing a low-budget production. In this case, a lot of horse-trading was done:
I realized that people wanted to see some normal speed shots, some low light tests, and some rolling shutter examples so I did those too but I won’t be using them in the tutorial video I make. Instead I will be doing a blog post that handles my actual review/impressions of the camera. I will include a bunch of raw footage so that you can see first hand what I talk about.

10 Tips for Shooting Steady Hand Held | Through The Lens Film School
I was shooting hand-held yesterday. I should have read this beforehand:
7. Watch Horizontals and Verticals
Pay attention to keeping horizontal and vertical aspects of the frame upright and level. Particularly when you are moving or walking backwards with the camera, with everything else going on it’s easy to let the shot drift off kilter. If this happens the resulting footage will look second-rate and unprofessional.

SHOOTOUT: Apple Laptops vs Mac Pro rendering Premiere Pro CS6 video effects
| Bare Feats
The MacPro still trumps the MacBook Pro:
So is the 2012 MacBook Pro equal to the 2010 Mac Pro as a Premiere Pro platform? It depends on what functions you use most and what GPU you are sporting. Taking combined CPU and GPU performance into consideration, the RMBP is NOT the equal of the 2010 (or 2012 'speed bump') Mac Pro -- especially if you have a high-end NVIDIA GPU. It doesn't mean using a MacBook Pro is a bad idea. Just not equal.

I found the new version of the hack very stable and a great help with the sound; being able to adjust the levels during the take is amazing. I know how important sound is, but I’m not really a sound person, and just being able to plug the mic straight into the camera with the AGC disabled for little shoots like this is massively useful.

Polone: Reality TV Isn’t Real, and Why Viewers Don’t Care | Gavin Polone
| Vulture
Are people still watching reality TV?!
While watching June’s season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, my experience in TV production told me that much of what went on during the fight-filled episode had to have been staged. The camera angles were too planned, the plot was too linear, the interpersonal drama too heightened.

Canon C500 | hurlbutvisuals | OW.Ly
Shane Hurlbut has posted a picture of a Canon C500 being used for a shoot.

A cute stop-motion:

SonyFS700 Stop Motion from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

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