Thursday, July 19, 2012

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| Filmmaker Magazine
I finally finished the write-up of a recent gathering of local DPs and actors to shoot some quick projects. It's up on Filmmaker's site:
Freelance videographer/filmmaker Sean Meehan had connected with Rick just two months earlier when Jared Abrahms had retweeted that Rick was looking for a shooter to assist on a documentary. For this event, “Rick put out that he was looking for some actors,” said Sean, “and I responded to him on Twitter asking, ‘What age range are you looking for? I might have some people.’ He told me the age range, and then in the second tweet right afterwards he said ‘Also, do you want to work with the C300 in a little while?’, and I jumped at it.”

EXCLUSIVE: Blackmagic Answers Your Questions about Their New Cinema Camera | FilmmakerIQ
An interview with Blackmagic President Dan May on the forthcoming Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera:
[BMD] We are just waiting finish a few bits of certification the product is lined up and ready to go we just need to get these last bits tightened up and they’ll begin shipping. The challenge is they’re going to ship from our manufacturing plant in Australia and they’re going to come over and then they’re going to go to channel partners so even if we turn the knob next week and said ‘hey they’re shipping in July’ its still going to take them a week

Adobe Prelude: Ingesting and Converting DSLR Footage to ProRes | Clay Asbury
| Premiumbeat
I've been playing with Prelude the last couple of days, so I was happy to see this tip on transcoding to ProRes:
Transcoding your DSLR footage to Pro Res in Adobe Prelude gives you a 10 bit, edit friendly codec that FCP, AVID, & Premiere can all handle. This is a great file choice when you work with a variety of nonlinear apps (it’s a popular intermediate codec for FCP). ProRes is also a solid option if you plan on color correcting in Apple Color or Black Magic Resolve.

10 Tips for Submitting to Film Festivals | Danny Greer | Premiumbeat
Do your research when it comes to which festivals you’ll apply. Take a look at past films that have screened. Read reviews from past festival attendees. Do the programmers primarily accept narrative? Is there an emphasis on short films?

Seven Tips on Preparing to Market Your Script | Elliot Grove | MasteringFilm
3. Table reading –the dialogue rewrite: A table reading with actors (from a local theatre group, or acting school) is a great way for your piece to come to life. Actors would not normally expect to be paid, although it is polite to offer some refreshments, or help with transportation costs.

JVC Wi-Fi Camcorder - Smartphone Linking | YouTube
I haven't been paying attention to low-cost Wi-Fi video cameras, but this demo from JVC has me a little intrigued (even if some of the examples are a little awkward and the guy annoys me...) And the JVC Everio Wi-Fi GZ-EX210 is just $329.

30 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Old Movies | BuzzFeed
Awesome? Maybe not, but a few are interesting....

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