Saturday, June 09, 2012

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Canon EOS 7D Firmware Version 2 Coming Soon | CanonRumors
There's been rumors of a Canon 7D firmware update appearing over the last couple of weeks, and CanonRumors now has what appears to be complete - unofficial - details of the update, which includes lots of things for still photographers, and even something for video shooters:
During EOS Movie shooting you will be able to manually adjust the audio recording levels to one of 64 levels, whilst the sound volume during playback can be set to one of 11 levels. During movie recording noise from the aperture is reduced and the camera also has an automatic wind cut filter.

Jag35 Street Runner Review | Rick Macomber | Vimeo
Rick has put together a nicely shot review of this camera rig:
The Street Runner is a new affordable rig from the folks at Jag35. It's very similar to it's bigger brother, the Field Runner, which has two front grip handles, a top handle and a slightly different configuration. The Street Runner rig can be customized to fit your needs. You can add more parts and accessories to it down the road. As is... it's the perfect light weight rig for budget minded shooters using DSLRs or small HD camcorders. Look. I know it's not as cool as some of the beefier more expensive rigs. But everyone must begin somewhere. And this rig will help get you up and running without breaking the bank!

Getting ready for Euro 2012 “Four layers later the final conclusion” | Philip Jonhston | HD Warrior
Philip has posted a series of short pieces explaining issues he's encountered putting together a video using multiple image and video sources:
Finally after a lot of investigation it looks like we are ready for our first Euro 2012 web insert tomorrow. The Canon C300 will shoot the chroma key inserts and Final Cut Pro 10 will be used to edit various footage from multiple sources. Due to using Matrox MX02 FW 2.5 I have had to forgo external monitoring.
The graphic above is 4 layers, the Euro 2012 logo, the blue background, iPad coaching App insert and Scott the presenter via chroma key all done with FCPX.

Top ten Reasons Why Film Makers Screw Up In High Level Negotiations | Chris Jones | Blog
Tips on better negotiation:
3. Because I allowed them to lead the negotiations.
If you allow them to set the time, date and location for negotiations, you have already allowed them to win the first round. You may choose to do this as a tactic, but don’t let it happen by default. If you do allow this, when you enter the room, you will most likely find that they have set the agenda and they will run the negotiations completely.

Some Thoughts On 3D | rian johnson | Tumblr
Interesting article about 3D that talks more about what 3D might be, rather than what it is:
Looking through this portal, I could imagine what Scorsese described - true depth neatly contained in a frame, feeling the shape of a face, or the scope of a landscape. The reality of stereoscopic dropped away and my mind opened to an understanding of what an organic sense of depth applied to a moving picture would feel like. And he’s right, it’s the next step. It would really be the future of cinema.

Autodesk Digital Entertainment Conference | AutoDesk
AutoDesk is having a series of live webinars and on demand programs in 17 days (I couldn't find a quoted date on any page, just a count down....)
Meet the Experts: Autodesk & Blitz Games Studio
9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Sony Pictures Imageworks presents MEN IN BLACK 3
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Autodesk Smoke is Changing. Everything.
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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