Monday, June 04, 2012


I just saw a review of the Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ style Headphones:
Review: Sony MDR-V55 DJ Headphones | Cam Curran
In terms of comfort, the MDR-V55s fare well enough, but in the end, any pair of on-ear headphones has the tendency to make you pretty hot after a few hours, not to mention some slight pain on the outer ear. They're highly adjustable however, and rugged in a way many DJ-style headphones can only aspire to; these are not a flimsy set of plain ol' plastic-and-foam cans.
From the description, I'm not sure I'd like them. I've already had a bit of experience with Sony headphones over the last few years:

The first high-quality headphones I ever bought were a pair of Sony MDR-7506 [$99.99] that I bought in the late 1990's. They weren't cheap then, but they are still going strong (they have been repaired with Gorilla glue, and the outer cover of the headphone pads have peeled off.]

I like the sound quality of the MDR-7506's, they are light, and even though they completely enclose your ears, I don't find them uncomfortable; they don't make my ears hot and sweaty.

Sony MDR-7506

Several years later, looking for a replacement, and something that would work with my iPhone, I bought a pair of the Sony DRV150iP Headphones [$49.88]. These have a remote control for the iPhone, and you might be deceived into thinking they are of the enclosed-ear design of the MDR-7506. You'd be wrong. The headphone pads push against your ear, which is something I find uncomfortable very quickly.

The remote control for the iPhone is a big plus, and a great convenience, and the sound quality is good, but I find them very uncomfortable for my big head and my sensitive ears. So while I use them occasionally, it's not for long periods of time; often I use them just to make a phone call.

Next came the Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones [$34.99]. I bought these because they were cheaper than the MDR-7506's, and had an enclosed ear design, so I hoped they would be an improvement over the DRV150iP's. I was wrong again. Audio quality is okay, maybe a little bassy, but though they cover the ears I find that my ears get really hot and sweaty in them, again making it impossible to wear for long periods of time.

They also have an incredibly long cable. This is either a bonus if you like to walk long distances away from your computer/iPhone, or they are a pain because they get tangled up and get in the way.

So I've given up on finding a replacement for the MDR-7506's. Fortunately, Sony still makes them. So I'm buying replacement covers for the old MDR-7506 and saving for a second pair. The reality is; if you find a pair of headphones you like, you have to stick with them.

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