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Sony FS700 test footage. Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN | AlokaKasina | Vimeo
More slow-motion footage from the Sony NEX-FS700. Some of it is quite good, but after about a minute it feels like the novelty wears off. We're all going to be sick of slow-motion by the end of the year:
Footage captured with a prototype Sony FS700. In-camera 240fps_1080p and 480fps_720p. Compressed to H.264, 720x1280, 23.976.

How to Set Up the Canon 5D To Shoot Video | Michael Britt | Photo Cine News
A setup video for the Mark II (not the III):
I just put up a short video about how to set up the Canon 5D MKII for Video. I’ve put some of this information out before in our book and some other blog posts but this time I go step by step through the menus for capturing video. I do this in my Intro to DSLR Video seminar and decided to provide this video as a resource to my students, Samy’s Camera customers and PCN readers.
If you have a Canon 5D Mark III, and want to shoot underwater, you can now buy the Ikelite 6871.03 Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III DSLR for $1,599.95.

Adobe Shakes Up Premiere Pro Training and Certification | Andrew Davis
| PremiumBeat
Adobe has changed it's certification training, requiring trainers to use materials developed by Adobe, and also undergo an additional training class themselves, which is only available in a couple of places in the States:
Potential students may find it a little harder to get certified Premiere Pro CS6 trainers for the next few months while Adobe get their act together. Even when more trainers are available it will likely cost more for the consumer, as the minimum length for a course has now jumped up to 3 days. Times…they are a’changing.

AJA Supports Adobe Creative Suite 6 Software Release | AJA
AJA releases new drivers:
AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, is supporting the new release of Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 software with AJA's Io Express, Io XT and KONA family of products for both Mac and Windows customers. The new drivers supporting Adobe Creative Suite 6 are available now as a free download.

Library, title templates, template projects missing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore CS5 - CS6 | Adobe
Missing some content in CS6? This technote explains what to do:
When you access the Library panel in Adobe Encore, the panel contains no content. Additionally, there is no subfolder named Library within the Adobe Encore application folder on your hard disk.
When you access the title templates in Adobe Premiere Pro, the title templates are missing.
When you access the template projects in After Effects, the template projects are missing.
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RED Camera Plug-ins | Adobe LABS
Adobe updates a beta plug-in for supporting RED cameras:
The RED EPIC Importer preview release updates the RED support in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5, After Effects® CS5.5 and Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 to support the latest Firmware for RED EPIC and RED Scarlet digital cinema cameras.

Some thought on Events and Keyword Collections in Final Cut Pro X
| Philip Hodgetts | Blog
Philip is a big user and promoter of meta data, but even he finds himself rethinking how to use and label material when faced with large quantities of the stuff:
My original thought was to use one bigger Event – analogous to a FCP 7 Project, because I was under the misunderstanding that I couldn’t filter (search) across Events. As I just said that was a misunderstanding. By selecting multiple Events in the Event Browser, the filter (Command F) will filter across all the selected Events.

Canon EOS-1D X Availability [CR2] | CanonRumors
Recently there's been some concern about when the EOS-1D X would ship, and suggestions that Canon has had some serious, unexpected problems. I think the problem they had was they pre-announced it a little too early (Vincent Laforet suggested that the mention of it at the C300 unveiling was a last minute addition to the event, perhaps in response to the Scarlet announcement.)
A few did mention that the end of June beginning of July is still the target date, but the quantity will be very small. I’m told a few sports photographers will be allocated the 1D X first. Retail availability in July was mentioned as being “optimistic”. August or September may be the months when big stock numbers hit the marketplace.

A Mind-Blowing Impossible Shot from the Movie ‘Contact’ | Michael Zhang
| PetaPixel
A shot from the movie Contact [Blu-ray] with a link to an audio commentary from Robert Zemeckis about how it was done.
For those who like them, Contact also has a great, long Steadicam shot early in the movie, just after the first contact is made...

The Best Animated Films of All Time, According to Terry Gilliam | Open Culture
The magic of Tex Avery’s animation is the sheer extremity of it all. The classic Avery image is of someone’s mouth falling open down to their feet, wham, their eyes whooping out and their tongue unrolling for about half a mile: that is the most wonderfully liberating spectacle….

Lucasfilm names Kathleen Kennedy co-chair | Post
George is getting ready to retire:
Kathleen Kennedy will become co-chair of Lucasfilm, allowing George Lucas to more forward with his retirement plans. Lucas, who will become co-chairman of the board of Lucasfilm and will continue on as CEO, will work with Kennedy to transition into her new role. Micheline Chau remains president and COO of Lucasfilm, and will continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

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