Monday, May 28, 2012

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Behind The Lens – Episode 1 | F-Stop Academy
In this episode, a discussion with Philip Bloom & Rick Young about how they got started in the business:
"In this 5 Part Webisodic Video Series Cinematographer Den Lennie and Director James Tonkin host discussions with leading figures from the Indie and mainstream film community in Europe. Behind the lens - perspectives on Digital Cinematography is an insightful look at modern Cinematography and digital production"

“Jump-start your production with Prelude CS6″ with Wes Plate, seminar recording and notes | Todd Kopriva | Adobe
The webinar on Prelude I watched last week can now be seen in replay from this page:
What is Adobe Prelude?
Adobe Prelude is an application for ingesting, logging, and optionally transcoding tapeless media and assembling clips into rough cuts for use in an NLE (a nonlinear editing application). In addition to the summary in Wes’s presentation, both video2brain and have summaries that answer the question “What is Adobe Prelude?” in their video training courses.

What's in your bag, Jordan Oplinger? | Jordan Oplinger | The Verge
Interesting look at what one DP has in his bag. I love the Canon 16-35mm lens too:
CANON 16-35MM 2.8 II
This lens lives on my primary camera about 60% of the time. I’m a big fan of wide, sweeping glidecam shots (I use a Glidecam 4000HD) to quickly and elegantly establish a space. While there’s definitely some edge softness and aberration, this glass renders environments beautifully at 16mm, as well as providing a decent interview option at 35mm.

The ‘Invisible Art’: A Woman’s Touch Behind the Scenes | JOHN ANDERSON
| The New York Times
With the discussion about how under-represented women are in the directing field, this article points out that they are doing a little better in editing:
according to the Motion Picture Editors Guild, 1,500 of its 7,300 active members (or 21 percent) are women. And a spokeswoman for American Cinema Editors, which will host its annual educational convention, Editfest, in the coming months (New York, June 8 and 9; Los Angeles, Aug. 3 and 4), said a third of its 650 members are women, as are 6 of the 14 members of its board of directors.

Scott moderated a forum at Cannes and he asked the panelists about the criticism directed at Cannes about its lack of female representation:
One point was that the true extent of this year’s omission won’t be known until Venice and Toronto, at which point we’ll see films by female directors that may have been submitted to and rejected by Cannes. We discussed issues like female representation on selection juries, whether quotas are an appropriate response to the issue, and the specific identity of the Cannes Official Selection which, by highlighting a specific variety of highbrow “author cinema,” often by returning Cannes masters, may automatically limit the number of entries by women.

Does the MacPro Have A Future? | Larry Jordan | Blog
Larry thinks Apple could at least tell people if it's not going to update the MacPro:
It has been obvious for the last couple of years that creative professionals no longer make up the bulk of Apple’s business – and that’s fine with me, I wish Apple every success. But because we are responsible for creating the content that Apple displays so wonderfully on all its consumer devices, it would be really helpful if Apple could share with us an outline of their future hardware plans for those tools that consumers will never buy and professionals can’t live without.

Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ | MEKADO MURPHY | New York Times
Wes Anderson describes a scene from his latest movie:
This scene flashes back to their introduction at a school production of Benjamin Britten’s opera “Noah’s Flood.” Here, Mr. Anderson discusses his staging and filming of that production and how he found the two actors at the center of his film.

Optimizing for high performance | Adobe TV
Video discusses optimizing your system for After Effects:
Explore the Global Performance Cache (AKA the “Hash Cache”), along with the “Persistent Disk Cache” and learn to take advantage of their strengths to dramatically speed up the way you work in After Effects. Work through a comp specifically designed with examples that help you understand the new caching functions and what you can do to get the most from them.

Q Mini Shotgun PRO - Sample Audio Video | Que Audio | Vimeo
Demo of a mini shotgun mic:
Q Mini Shotgun PRO - Sample Audio Video - Armed Forces Day Parade in Torrance CA May 19th, 2012
Audio Sample Video of the Q Mini Shotgun Pro microphone mounted on and plugged directly into a Canon 5d mkII. Manual sound recording mode on the 5d, with the gain control turned up one click from off. Q Mini Shotgun Pro set at +20db gain, used with a QSMPRO Mini Shockmount, Windscreen, Wombat, 30cm curly cable, and 3.5mm plug.
Video shot in the staging area at the front of the parade.

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