Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Panasonic AG-AF100 vs Sony NEX-FS100 Smackdown!

Yesterday, Filmmaker Sebastian Wiegärtner posted to his Twitter account the following question:
Panasonic AF101 or Sony FS100? Which one would you buy?
In the space of a couple of hours he got fifteen responses:
11 people voted for the NEX-FS100 (three of them noting they'd already ordered one!) The better image quality, low light performance and dislike of the AG-AF100's 2.0 crop factor were sighted as reasons for going with the NEX-FS100

1 person said the AG-AF100 was still a good value for the money, even though the crop and low-light performance were the biggest issues against it 

1 person would go for either, though he liked the Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount of the AG-AF100

1 person voted for the AG-AF100 because "The AF100 feels like a camera. The Sony is a plastic box. [...] The AF100 has a few more features"

And 1 person said they are both sh$t "4:2:0 cameras that are fine on Youtube but really aren't acceptable"

B & H: Sony NEX-FS100
B & H: Panasonic AG-AF100


The Suedeskin Cat said...

And who were the people that were surveyed? The true value of these camera lies in the user's skill level so I wouldn't take any of these comments seriously.

Michael Murie said...

There was no survey as such. Sebastian simply posed a question to his twitter followers (he has 17,690) and I compiled the public responses received during the next 24 hours (most of the responses came within two hours.)

Obviously, this is purely anecdotal, but it is an interesting response since it's difficult to see why his twitter followers would be heavily biased in either camp.

Your comment about user skill is valid; there's been an ongoing discussion about Story vs. Gear going on in different places. It's an interesting discussion in itself, and yet there remains a tremendous interest in camera comparisons.