Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's $^@%@& June already, Where's FCPX!!!

It's countdown to Final Cut Pro X, and since today is June 1st, many people are already considering it late!
It's June in two and a half hours!

Hey Colorists, are you worried that FCPX and color matching will put you out of business? ;)
New predictions are appearing hourly:

Condemnation Films on Twitter says that it will be released this week so that the release isn't overshadowed by the fun and games of the World Wide Developer Conference next week. They also predict that Compressor is part of FCPX, but SoundTrack Pro and multi-cam are gone, BUT capture from tape is still there.

The prediction about SoundTrack Pro and Log & Capture are interesting because they are the opposite of what Philip Hodgetts was predicting last week. It will be interesting to see who's right! (see: NotesOnVideo: Final Cut Pro X @ the May BOSFCPUG & BOSDLSR Mixer)

Meanwhile, Philip has published an article explaining why Final Cut Pro X uses metadata, and also why people should use it:
Metadata driven automation is something that highly established editors well into their career tend to not want, while those in short term, faster turnaround jobs tend to appreciate it more. When demonstrating our First Cuts software the response of editors with traditional experience is generally kind of negative; but the response from those earlier in their career, or who have tight turnaround, is more “Thanks for providing these great tools”.
PhilipHodgetts: Why did Apple base Final Cut Pro X on Metadata?

The website takes a short walk back in time: On the eve of FCP's biggest month, we thought we would take a look back to FCP in 2003 (and beyond!)

And there's now a Facebook group for Final Cut Pro X

anyone stocking up on cheap non upgradable Academic ver of FCS 3 just for the rest of the pro apps ? haha

[And yes, we've set this to publish at 1:00AM just incase Apple goes and releases it in the morning and ruins the headline! - Ed]

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