Saturday, June 04, 2011

News From Here & There

This weekend is the CineGear show in LA. If you can't be there, Wide Open Camera is doing a pretty good job of covering the event. They have already posted video's with Steve Weiss of Zacuto, Ted Schilowitz of Red Digital Cinema, and Ali Ahmadi of O’Conner.

Entertainment Technology Expo New York
Createasphere's Entertainment Technology Expo will be held September 20-21, 2011 at The New Yorker Hotel, New York, NY. Over two days their will be panel discussions, seminars, and a technology show floor.
Free registration is open now.
Createasphere: Entertainment Technology Expo

GoPro HD Review
Ron Risman at CameraTown reviews the GoPro HD.
I do want to mention that the best use for a POV camera is to mount it in a place where movement will be smooth. I see way too many POV videos where the camera is mounted to the handle bar of a bike or helmet of a rider, and the video is so shaky that it makes you sick watching it. Trust me when I say that the only person who wants to watch your shaky mountain bike trail ride is you. One thing you should do is EDIT your final videos. Even shaky mountain bike videos have their smooth moments. Take these smooth portions of your video and edit them together into a piece that others will enjoy watching.
CameraTown: Review of the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO
Amazon: GoPro HD Motorsports HERO Camera [$238.94]

Screenwriting Tips
Xander Bennett posts daily tips on screenwriting:
Screenwriting Tip #647
You’re not writing down to idiots, and you’re not writing up to your betters. You’re writing for the reader, who you’ve got to assume is a person very much like you.
ScreenwritingTips: Screenwriting Tips... You Hack

The Mouse is Dead?
Not Mickey, the computer mouse. First the laptop trackpad, then the iPhone, then the Magic Trackpad; [in retrospect it seems Apple has been doing it's damnedest to kill the mouse for years], and now Microsoft joins the battle with Windows 8, which is designed for touch.
TechCrunch: Still Think The Mouse Isn’t Dead?

Somewhat related, there was one report that said the upcoming Final Cut Pro X will use gestures, (as will the new OS, Lion), and the following article explains how to use gestures with DaVinci Resolve.
Tao of Color GradingThe Cheapest Colorist Control Surface EVER!
Amazon: Apple Magic Trackpad[$65]

Q&A with Paul Antico
Mike Tomei interviews Paul Antico, the producer of the upcoming The Visualmakers, about the project and how it was shot:
Surprisingly, the best audio actually came from the show floor. No one expected this. We used the Sony UWP-V1 wireless mics which worked very well, but the key was mic placement. The mic is just out of frame right below the subject's mouth, which helped a lot.
MikeTomei: Q&A with The Visualmakers producer and director: Paul Antico

Sony A77 Rumors
It seems pretty certain that Sony will announce a new DSLR to replace the A700, and there's speculation that it may blow away the competition (i.e. Canon.) But at EOSHD they list the features that Sony really needs to add to their camera, including manual controls, removing interlacing and 24p support:
So to summarise – [remove] interlacing, 30p and high megapixel counts are the by-product of poor marketing, and not taking leadership of the market and forcing customers to adopt and understand better images.
Even if they do all that, don't expect this to be the NEX-FS100 in a DSLR body; the A77 will have a 24MP sensor, while the NEX-FS100 (and PMW-F3) use a much lower resolution sensor; having less data to get to a 1920x1080 image can be a good thing! Expect the A77 to probably exhibit more moire issues, and/or slightly lower apparent resolution (probably.)
EOSHD: Sony A77
SonyAlphaRumors: An “emotional” SR5 rumor (A77 is top notch!!!)

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