Friday, June 03, 2011

The latest Final Cut Pro X Prediction

[UPDATE Jun 5 7:00PM -
Philip Hodgetts thinks it will be June 21st, though it seems this is based on when "Spring" ends:
In Feb, invitees got told "Spring". At NAB they said "June". The latest it can be is June 21.. 

I've been trying to decide whether Apple will release - or even show - Final Cut Pro X at the World Wide Developers Conference next week. I'm starting to think that they may do neither; it's not like the World Wide Developers Conference is a huge video editors event. It just seems the wrong location to roll it out. Which suggests that they may roll it out a week or two after the WWDC at the earliest.

There's one exception to that prediction; if there's something they haven't told us about it...some tight integration existed with either Lion, iOS or iCloud - or all three. If you can seamlessly work with content on iCloud, that might provide a compelling reason for going "and by the way, here's the update to our video editing application" during the keynote. They might show it.

But face it; with a new OS, new iOS, and iCloud to cover, any reference to Final Cut Pro X is going to be less than five minutes; otherwise the keynote is going to last the best part of a day.

Of course, I also predicted that Apple wouldn't show or announce an update to Final Cut Pro at NAB. On a technicality, I was right - they didn't demo or announce it at the NAB show - but in reality, I couldn't have been more wrong.


Claudio said...

i am from Recife in Brazil South America and its already the 12th today and there are no signs of final cut pro X maybe like you said its only going to be released a week after lion
but then lion is only rolling out in july
and they said final cut pro x was going to be released in june so where does that leave us?

Claudio said...

yes maybe after lion is released but then
that is after june in july didn't you guys say that
final cut pro x was going to be released in june tho?

Michael Murie said...

I have no idea when it will ship. I've heard some people now say it will be the 14th, but then people were saying last week it would be the 9th. One day they will get it right!

I'm still confident it will be released BEFORE the end of June, and BEFORE Lion.

Apple said June back when they previewed it; but they didn't say when in June! They haven't said there's been a change in the schedule, so I continue to take them at their word.

Beyond that, I can't even guess.