Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Genus Rig with Sony NEX-FS100 Demo
Den Lennie from F-Stop Academy does a short video promo for Genus gear with the Sony NEX-FS100 camera. The gear covered includes the GMP-HP Hotplate, the S-SFOC Superior Follow Focus, the G-FG flexible lens gear and the GWMC Matte Box.
Vimeo: Den from F-Stop Academy demonstrates Genus Kit on Sony FS100

Editing 3D with EDIUS
Grass Valley has published a "White Paper" (really just a short article) abiout the production and editing of Australia's (and possibly the World's) first 3D Wedding Video using the Panasonic AG-3DA1 and EDIUS software:
The biggest change to their usual way of shooting was definitely the minimum distance required to obtain an acceptable image. Anything closer than two meters did not work as it would cause the 3D viewers’ eyes to converge unnaturally and become cross-eyed.
Shot lifespan was the other big challenge the team needed to tackle. To appreciate the 3D image fully, the viewer needs a little more screen time per shot. Because of the image’s depth, each shot appears to have more to look at—it is almost like having multiple shots at the same time—and you need to let the audience take the time to explore each one.
GrassValley: Joffe 3D Wedding [PDF]

Royalty Free Music is offering a collection of free royalty-free music to celebrate its one year anniversary.

"Our production music library continues to grow, both in terms of the number of contributing professional musicians and the number of high-quality, royalty-free production music tracks. The quality and depth of our musicians and production music is outstanding," says Mike Bielenberg, Co-Founder of MusicRevolution LLC.

The music tracks are provided in MP3 format (192 kbps) and are free for use in film, broadcast, web, on hold, physical media, video productions or other commercial applications in accordance with MusicRevolution's Standard License Agreement

In return for this free stock music license, MusicRevolution requests that users credit them somewhere on their website or elsewhere.
MusicRevolution: Free Production Music

Though there's practically no Thunderbolt peripherals available yet, Sammy Aindow has put together an article summing up the advantages of Thunderbolt.
2. It's a clutter killer
Because Thunderbolt can transfer video, audio and 10 watts of power, you only need one cable to link out to any given device. You can then daisy chain that device to up to five others without losing speed - again only using a single cable - so you can get access to all your favourite I/O, storage and display devices without turning your desktop into a rats' nest of cables.
JigsawBroadcast: Ten Things We Love About Thunderbolt

RISD Museum Open Video Call
The Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design’s Contemporary Art Department invites artists to submit short works of single-channel video. Selected works will be shown in an outdoor Gallery Night screening event in July. Finalists’ videos will also be exhibited at the RISD Museum during the fall of 2011

“Video-based art is an accessible and powerful medium and we want to show more of it at the RISD Museum,” says Sabrina Locks, Curatorial Assistant for Contemporary Art and organizer of the event. “The open call video program is a lively way to invite local participation and dialogue around the creative ideas and visions of those working in various forms of new media.”All are welcome to submit works of 15 minutes or less regardless of age, location, artistic experience, or education.

Submissions must be received by Friday, June 10, 2011. RISD MUSEUM SEEKS SUBMISSIONS FOR OPEN CALL: VIDEO ART

Panasonic G3 Review
Tech Radar reviews the new camera, though it has only a perfunctory coverage of the video capabilities:
No CSC or DSLR is complete without video recording capability these days and the G3 can shoot full HD (1920x1080 pixel) as AVCHD or Motion JPEG files, output at 30fps or 25fps. Full time AF and AF tracking is available during filming, something which isn't available in Panasonic's flagship GH2.
TechRadar: Panasonic G3 review

No One is Using the iPad 2 to take pictures?
I'm not sure it's literally true; I saw someone taking pictures with an iPad 2 just the other day, but according to Flickr upload stats, if they are using the iPad 2 to take pictures, they aren't sharing them online.
PetaPixel: Flickr Stats Confirm It: No One Uses the iPad 2 as a Camera

Zacuto Reviews
Zacuto has collected together links to user reviews of their gear.
Zacuto: Product Reviews

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