Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Tempted By New Gear?
Sam Morgan Moore reminds us that it's not always about the gear, and that DSLRs are fine for most things;
If I shot lots of buildings I could argue that my cameras were not up to it – but I’m not so I cant.
I therefore don’t need a new camera
DSLR 4 Real: Spend Spend Spend

On the other hand, Sam Morgan Moore reminds us that there are lots of limitations to DSLRs:
When I’m shooting for me a DSLR is great – I use it to its strengths
But when I’m shooting for a client often the hairs on my neck start to tingle
Moiré short record times and the killer HDMI wobble sweat me out
His solution? The Sony NEX-FS100 and PMW-F3 look interesting...
DSLR 4 RealPony for a Sony?

Notes on the Sony NEX-FS100
Phil Baxter at Creative Video Co got to play with the Sony NEX-FS100 prototype, and offers some impressions, including these notes on the kit lens:
I tried out the auto focus on this lens, however the result was useless with the lens perpetually hunting for the focus point. I guess this is a known issue with the prototype which will be fixed before launch...  Let's hope so, as it's sometimes useful to use the AF function. The other was that the back-focus (flange-back) was clearly not correctly set as the lens was able to focus beyond infinity. I did not notice an adjustment for this on either the lens or the camera so again let's hope this is fixed on the production model. NEX-FS100 Game Changer

And if the Sony PMW-F3 is more to your liking, check out this pretty video of the camera: VimeoSony PMW F3

Chris from ProMotion does a video preview of the PMW-F3 in this video. YouTubeSony PMW F3 Review

SmallHD DP6 Monitor Review
Craig Anderi reviews the SmallHD DP6, a 5.6" field monitor with HDMI input that sells for $899. He tried it out after growing displeased with how a Marshall monitor worked with his 5D Mark II:
...the image on the Marshall was in effect, no larger than the image on the back of the camera. The 1 to 1 pixel mapping just jumped the image in and cut off much of the view area. Not very useful.
The SmallHD doesn't have that problem, he finds the picture is exceptionally clear and there is a custom setting for the 5D to get the full screen real estate during record. He goes on to say:
This a very future proof monitor and it is exceptionally well made. Compared to the Marshal, it was like going from driving an old Hyundai Excel to a new BMW. It just feels good in your hands and it is built to work as you need it to. Its an amazing piece of kit that I will definitely add to my package (in multiples).
Planet5DA review of the SmallHD DP6

SmallHD also announced the combination monitor/EVF DP4 at NAB, and Wes from SmallHD compares it with the DP6 in this video: VimeoDP4 vs DP6

Marshall at NAB
If you're interested in Marshall monitors, check out this video from NAB of Clint Milby interviewing Bernie Keach from Marshall about their new 5.6, 7 and 9 inch models that feature a new focus assist that lets you choose the focus assist color and also include HDMI loop through.
HDSLRShooterNAB 2011: New HDMI Loop Through Monitors From Marshall

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