Sunday, February 13, 2011

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HDMI Monitor Comparison
Paul Joy takes a look at the Marshall V-LCD651STX, Marshall V-LCD50 & SmallHD DP6. He finds there's pros and cons to all three; for focusing, the SmallHD and the LCD651 scored best. The V-LCD50 is better than the cameras own LCD, BUT it's not as good as the other two. The LCD651 also did much better than the other two when used outside, and had better color reproduction.
PaulJoy: HDMI Monitors: Marshall V-LCD651STX, Marshall V-LCD50 & SmallHD DP6
B & H: Marshall V-LCD50 [$516.35]
B & H: Marshall V-651STX [$1,631.85]
SmallHD: 5.6 DP Monitor [$899]

Do-It-Yourself Ikea Shoulder Mount
Cris Knight shows how to make a shoulder mount for your DLR from parts from IKEA.
  • 4 pc aluminum (or other) tubing with a matching diameter Drill bit . On my rig, the short rails are 8 1/2" and the long rails are 22 1/2" but you can adjust this to best fit your application.
  • 1 Ikea Boholmen plastic cutting board or similar
  • A small piece of foam for the shoulder pad, if desired.
  • Several small screws or nuts and bolts with drill bit (and tap if desired) to match
  • 2 bicycle hand grips
He has a video, as well as step-by-step instructions on his website.
kimncris: Shoulder Mount

Portrait lighting
If you're still trying to master basic lighting for portraits (and video interviews) check out this video tutorial from Jay Morgan at The Slanted Lens.
YouTube: Portrait Lighting for Photography and Video!

Guide To Streaming Options
Technology In The Arts looks at some of the different options for streaming live video, .
TechnologyInTheArts: Livestream, Ustream, We all stream: A practical guide to streaming platforms

More Sony PMF-F3 Footage
Matrix Video has posted some video from the PMW-F3 - most of it captured at 60p. You can also download the original file.
Vimeo: Genesis Matrix Sony F3 Footage - Ungraded

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