Sunday, January 09, 2011

News From Here & There

Sony PMw-F3
If you can't get to the Boston event to see the PMW-F3 on January 19th, you might want to check your local Sony Pro Dealers and see if they have special events planned. I know of at least one other event being held at Professional Video & Tape, Oregon on the 20th.

3D Without The Glasses
Toshiba has something to show you at the Consumer Electronics Show — televisions and a laptop that can display 3-D video without requiring the viewer to put on glasses
Sounds interesting, even though:
A shortcoming of a no-glasses approach is that only one person at a time can see the 3-D effect, and another is that you cannot move around too rapidly.
But right after I saw that article, Alex Buomo, tweeted:
Sorry Toshiba: glasses-free 3D lenticular screen = headache in 5 minutes. FAIL.
NYTimes Gadgetwise: 3-D Without the Glasses

Letus Hawk Viewfinder Review
Robin Schmidt takes a look at the new Letus Hawk [B & H: $364.95]:
As you can probably tell I’m not going to give the Hawk a glowing endorsement because I don’t think it truly deserves it. Ask me to pay $375 for a loupe and I don’t want niggles, I want it to be amazing. I don’t want to have to glue on the rubber join myself, I don’t want to have to buy my own soft cup, I don’t want it to rattle on the frame. The aluminium version I tested is not the lightest bit of kit in the world and adds a chunk of weight to your overall setup. It’s not like a great big anvil hanging off your camera but you definitely notice it and it’s considerably heavier than my old Z-finder.
It isn't a glowing review, but he doesn't pull any punches; and he doesn't like the Zacuto viewfinder any better. Actually, it's clear he thinks you're better off with an external monitor than a viewfinder in most situations.

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