Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Movie & TV News

Baby it's snowing outside here in the Northeast. Maybe time to watch a movie? Here's some movie making news:

Ghostbusters 3?
Dan Aykroyd and Sony want to make a Ghostbusters 3. Bill Murray isn't so sure it's a good idea, and Sony says they won't make the movie without him.
IndieWIRE: ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Reportedly Budgeted At $150 Mil; Sony Won’t Make Film Without Bill Murray

Thunderbirds are.....Go?
If you're a male of a certain age, you might have a fondness for the Thunderbirds TV series made in the 60's in "Supermarionation." A live action movie made in 2004 flopped, but Gerry Anderson - who is 81 - yesterday told a radio show that he's working on a new series. No details on whether it will be animated.
TheTelegraph: Gerry Anderson to make new TV series of Thunderbirds

The End of Independents
The age of the independents may be over. With the closing of New Line Cinema, Miramax, Fine Line Features, Picturehouse, Warner Independent Films, Fox Atomic and Paramount Vantage, and with foriegn distributers stepping away, it's getting much harder to finance an independent movie
TheWrap: Why Indie Movies Are an Endangered Species

James Bond will be back
On hold due to MGM's bankruptcy, James Bond 23 is now in preparation with Daniel Craig officially back. It's scheduled to be released November 9, 2012.
IndieWIRE: Daniel Craig Offically Back As 007, New Bond Set For November 9, 2012; Sam Mendes Directing

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