Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Today & Tomorrow

Today Apple is doing a press announcement, and everyone seems to think that they will announce a new iPod Touch, and a $99 Apple TV. The latter will be a new version that runs the iOS (like that used in the iPhone and iPad) and they'll also have rentable TV shows for 99 cents, and maybe other streaming deals (Netflix?)

I'm wondering if my old Apple TV will now become irrelevant.

Announcements start at 1pm, and Apple themselves are streaming the event. That in itself, might be a hint at what's to come, as they haven't been streaming their events for some time. Does this mean they think there will be a smaller audience than for iPhone rollouts, so they can handle it okay?; Or is it so there won't be so many bloggers live blogging the event and ruining Steve's wifi/cell access? Or does it mean they have a much bigger streaming service online to handle the demand? Guess we have to wait and see.

I'm really hoping they'll either announce the availability of - or the expected release date - of iOS4 for iPad.

And tomorrow is the Canon Expo in New York. I'm going down to check it out, and will try and post about it while I'm there. I don't expect any other new hardware announcements (they announced the 60D last week, and the XF100 / XF105 yesterday) but it should still be very interesting.

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