Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Canon XF100 / XF105 details

According to an article on Canon Europe's site:
  • The XF models use a new 1/3-type, 2.07 Megapixel Canon CMOS sensor, adapted from the 3CMOS sensor system employed in XF300-series models, captures Full HD video at native 1920x1080 resolution.
  • The XF100-series has a new Infrared (IR) shooting mode that’s activated via a switch on the front of the camcorder, beneath the lens. With a built-in IR lamp, both green and white light shooting options.
  • A single manual lens ring provides control over focus, zoom and iris, with a side-mounted switch allowing the user to switch instantly between modes.
  • A new Face-Only AF mode limits autofocusing to detected faces only.
  • Two CF slots for continuous (relay) recording. SD card slot for stills.

According to a post at the forum, the pricing of the cameras will be as follows:
The Estimated Street Price for the XF100 is $2999 and the Estimated Street Price for the XF105 is $3999. However, Canon has made a corporate decision to allow the dealers to establish pricing.

Canon Europe: Canon launches palm-sized XF105 and XF100 pro camcorders Canon introduces XF105 and XF100

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