Monday, March 15, 2010

Here & There

30fps to 24fps
Given that the Canon 5D Mark II firmware update is expected tomorrow, it seems appropriate to draw your attention to this post at the ProLost blog about the problems of using software to convert from 30 fps and 24 fps. Appropriate because the article itself was prompted by the upcoming release of the firmware update.
I’m not saying that you won’t occasionally see results from 30-to-24p conversions that look good. The technology is amazing. But while it can work often, it will fail often. And that’s not a workflow. It’s finger-crossing.
Check it out because it also includes framegrabs showing how things can get distorted.
ProLost: Converting 30p to 24p

Comcast goes 3D
I'm still trying to figure this 3D thing out (and going over my notes from the seminars I went to on the weekend) but here's some news: Comcast will broadcast the Masters Tournament in 3D April 7-11.
Don't drop your beer when the ball sales through the screen...

Canon 5D Mark III in 2011?
Just when my gadget freak calms down, good old gets it going again with whispers of a Canon 5D Mark III in 2011 (ehh, hardly unexpected) but even more exciting, a new full frame camera below the 5D (the 3D perhaps?)  Oooohhh!!! xxD Not Dead Yet? & More [CR1]

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