Friday, March 19, 2010

Canon Final Cut Pro plug-in available!!

The EOS Movie Plug-in for Final Cut Pro is now available. I haven't tried it - yet...

UPDATE: If true, this is annoying:
Supported OSes:
MacOS 10.6.2 or later
I'm still running 10.5.8...

It seems to work fine with 10.5.8.

I imported a 16sec file and it took 58 seconds through Log & Transfer, and 52 seconds with MPEG Steamclip (both exporting to ProRes 444). Final Cut defaulted to ProRes 444 for the EOS Plug-in when it was installed.

To use the Archive function, you must be viewing in Hierarchical format, and then Control-Click the volume name and a pop-up appears with the Archive to Disk Image option.

Canon documentation can be found here: Introducing EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

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