Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A virtual world of lucid dreaming

Maureen Dowd gets all 3D on us, looking at the future of 3D movies with Jeffrey Katzenberg, the C.E.O. of DreamWorks Animation. She also introduces us to Phil Captain III D McNally, also known as Captain 3D, the resident "hurl-o-meter" at DreamWorks,
the guy who goes through every frame to adjust the amount of depth, dial the intensity up or down, and fix the right-eye/left-eye camera settings so that moviegoers can enjoy dragons skydiving past them without having to turn their popcorn bags into motion-sickness bags.
Along the way, you get answers to important questions, like: will Sandra Bullock comedies be in 3D - absolutely! Katzenberg thinks that 3D is the third great revolution in movies - after talkies and color - and there is much waxing poetic, though there are a few moments where we drop back from the lucid reality:
But both Katzenberg and the Captain concede that some movies may be too action-packed or intense — yes, they’re talking about you, Michael Bay and Martin Scorsese — to be experienced in 3-D because, as McNally says, “carrying that much data into the brain is not an enjoyable situation.”
Maybe one day we'll be able to enjoy Maureen Dowd's columns in 3D.

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