Friday, February 12, 2010

Rick Young looks at the HXR-NX5E

Rick Young got his hands on a HXR-NX5E in Barcelona, and takes it for a spin - lifes, tough, huh? He describes it as an evolution of earlier models, and really seems to like it. The video includes shots made with the HXR-NX5E, unfortunately, the resolution of the video is so low that it's a bit hard to tell how good (or bad) the camera really is.

Interesting things: Sony sold over 100,000 HDV cameras. He admits he didn't read the manual! He thinks the SDI output really defines the camera as a professional camera and loves the headphone monitor switch at the back of the camera!

Note the significant color shift between the HXR-NX5E footage and the second camera footage during the shots of the musicians! (it's not said what the second camera is.)

MacTV: This is NXCAM: Barcelona 2010
B&H Photo: HXR-NX5U

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