Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memory News

Sony rolls out "Transfer Jet" - a Memory Stick that provides wireless transfers at up to 560 Mbps by holding the Transfer Jet Memory Stick within 3 cm of a receiver. It was announced in Japan in an 8 GB version, though larger sizes are expected.
[UPDATE 1/20: Transfer Jet 8GB cards are now listed on (U.S. site) at $99.99 with expected release date of February 8th. What's unclear is what the card communicates with...the TransferJet Station]

Silicon Power has announced the worlds first 400x 128GB Compact Flash card. With a right speed of up to 90MB/sec, that's actually well above the minimum requirements of most DSLRs (like the Canon 7D, which is 8 MB/sec.*) They evidently also make 600x cards.

* For video, Canon recommends 8 MB/sec. While it's thought that 133x cards are fast enough, users seem to have mixed results with these cards, sometimes having the buffer over fill. I think 266x cards are a safer minimum.

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