Saturday, January 23, 2010

HXR-NX5U Operating Guide

The operating guide for the Sony HXR-NX5U is now posted on Sony's NXCAM site in the Manuals section.


Cutting Edge Studios said...

Thanks for the updates! Any news on when they are shipping the camera?

Michael Murie said...

According to Sony (US) it's currently shipping, but that could mean they've sent out ten cameras for all I know.

B&H still says they are taking "Pre-orders" at the moment, so I don't know if they've received any....and I haven't seen any posts anywhere from someone that has their hands on one. Maybe they are too busy out shooting!

Video20Q said...

I was looking at the NX5 and also the JVC HM100.
Reckon that the NX5 wins for me between the two cameras.
All I have to do now is save up some cash to be able to buy one.
Looks like I will have time to get the money together though if they are slow getting out there

Michael Murie said...

What made you decide on one over the other?

I've not looked at the HM100 closely, but it does have a few things to recommend it. The two things that I'd be looking at are the fact that it has CCDs, and that the file format is supposed to be editable natively in Final Cut Pro.

With my thinking hat on, those are two attractive features the NX5 lacks...