Friday, March 28, 2014

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The Shape Gimbal ISEE I for GoPro is a 2 axis brushless gimbal which can be held in one hand. Power is from a single Canon LPE6 type battery and control is via a push button. The ISEE I is already available for pre-order from their website for CAD $699.

You will understand more once you watch the video below but one of the biggest issues for me was the limitation of the auto focus area just being that small square in the middle. Never in every shot are you going to want your focus to be dead centre. The key to getting good results with the continuous autofocus, is clever use of the focus lock button which I programmed onto function 7 in the photo below.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that ARRI looks to be developing their own 6K camera, but instead of squeezing those pixels onto a Super 35mm sensor like the RED DRAGON or the new Kinefinity 6K cameras are, the company is letting them breathe on a gigantic 65mm sensor.

ITV Gets 190 Sony Camerascinescopophilia
ITV has invested in over 190 Sony PMW-400 and PMW-200 cameras for its teams as well as accompanying field production equipment. The new XDCAM cameras and tools will be used across all of ITV News’ regional news gathering operations, allowing for workflow continuity and a seamless transition from acquisition through short-term storage and data transfer.

This year I opened my presentation on 4K with a look back at how far higher-resolution shooting, editing, and distribution has progressed in the interim and what those changes have meant to our industry. Beyond just the dollars and cents, I wanted to take a look at a few of the realities of integrating high-res into our projects - some of them that might not seem so obvious.

What sets Patreon apart is that backers don’t pay toward the completion of a single project, but rather they become patrons of a specific creator by contributing a much smaller amount on a regular basis. 

But if the use of long takes in action sequences is still a relatively novel phenomenon, the cinematic history of the extended take in general is much longer and we thought we’d take this opportunity to choose our favorites. This turned out to be a timely endeavor, because as you may know, recently a debate has kicked off in the (God forgive me) blogosphere about whether or not critics and film commentators should talk and write more about the form and craftsmanship aspects of filmmaking than they (we) currently do. 

The following was shot with the Letus AnamorphX adapter: 

What is an essay film? This video explores how essay films use sounds, images, words and editing differently than other forms of cinema.

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