Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Five Questions for Twenty Feet from Stardom Cinematographer Nicola Marsh | Filmmaker Magazine
"People are so obsessed with resolution I actually think that’s not really what makes a good image; you don’t want a ton of resolution. It’s great to have it when you need it, you can punch in or rotoscope, but lack of resolution is beautiful and elegant and more impressionistic."

Quit Crashing Your Computer: Editing 4K in Adobe Premiere | Premium Beat
In the following video Luke Neumann shows us how to edit 4K footage without bogging down your computer. The process is surprisingly easy and can be done using only Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Panasonic GH4 Camera at 96fps 4096×2160 Vs ARRI Alexa Camera & Blackmagic 4K Videoscinescopophilia
After a quick shoot we brought the clips into DaVinci Resole Lite to see details.What we have found was unbelievable. The GH4 could hold more detail in both high light and shadow over the Blackmagic.One problem about the Blackmagic is the red dot when shoot against the very bright object such as the sun, as seen on the helmet high light of the last clip.

The guys over at The Camera Store TV have just released their hands-on look at the GH4, and the main topic of the video is the 4K video functionality of the camera. The unit they reviewed was pre-production, so keep that in mind while watching the video (things could be changed between a pre-production and production model). If you are interested in the video capabilities of this Panasonic GH4, check out the review below.

Panasonic Covers 4K on 3.19.14 | Vimeo
Panasonic’s Jan Crittenden Livingston tackles the 4K topic by answering these key questions: What exactly is 4K? How many permutations are there? What is REAL 4K? How do you deal with all that 4K data? And finally, how does Panasonic settle in with all this? Plus, Jan offers special insight on the upcoming VariCam 35 and VariCam HS, the newest cameras to debut at NAB.

Focus Pulling: “It’s a mystical art.” | The Black & Blue
NPR, as part of its series on Hollywood jobs, wrote a couple brief articles on camera assisting – one on pulling focus and the other on slating. While those two tasks don’t cover nearly everything camera assistants (ACs) do, they are easily the most visible and accessible duties for an AC.

Technicolor Launches Creative District, a New Social Network for Filmmakers | No Film School
While many professional networks already exist for filmmakers, the backbone of Creative District is in its grant program, offering monthly grants (to U.S. residents) of $5,000 to projects in every stage of production. Click through to read more about Creative District and see if the social network might be in your future.

VFX Workers Fight Back With Ramifications for New Zealand | Scoop
Last month, lawyers hired Daniel Lay, the blogger behind the influential website, “VFX Soldier,” uncovered a legal document where the MPAA weighed in on a minor International Trade Commission case involving 3-D printers. In that filing, obtained by Pando Daily, the MPAA argued that digital goods should be considered imports and therefore are subject to stringent copyright protections.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review | DP Review
The reason for the higher quality is how video is sampled. Since the sensors on the vast majority of cameras cannot be 'read out' quickly enough, they don't read the whole sensor when recording video. Instead they skip lines of pixels, which means that the amount of data used to generate is frame is reduced. The gaps between these lines reduce the resolution they can capture, and can introduce moiré.

21 World-Renowned Cinematographers Share the Shots that Heavily Influenced Their Work | No Film School
I don’t know how to pick just one shot – I guess it depends on what mood you’re in that day – but there’s a shot in Ivan’s Childhood where the boy is crossing between the German and Russian lines that I absolutely love. It’s this incredible black and white landscape, illuminated by flares like a kind of ghostly hinterland, with this downed fighter plane jutting out of the earth.

Spent 5 weeks putting together a series covering all aspects of the Letus AnamorphX-GP lens | Reddit
I've spent the last 5 weeks putting together a series of videos that covered the Letus AnamorphX-GP lens adapter which converts the normal GoPro Hero3+into a Anamorphic cabable camera. I reached out to them about getting an early look at it and they got me a pre-release model that I've been run through it's paces.

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