Friday, February 14, 2014

The News

The NAB rumors are starting! Canon to release a new EOS video camera:
What’s Next from Canon? | CanonRumors
The Cinema EOS line will see a new camera or two for NAB in April, we’re told a lower cost 4K camera will be the star of the show.

Blackmagic 4K Production Camera - unboxing and first impressions | Red Shark News
The Blackmagic Production Camera is a 4K device that records to visually lossless compressed Cinema DNG raw and ProRes. Last week, in a surprise move, Blackmagic reduced their original price from $3,995 to $2,995, making this an amazingly low-cost way to start shooting in 4K.

I am director Alfonso Cuaron of Gravity and other films. Preguntame casi todo. AMA! | Reddit
Hola Reddit. Soy Alfonso Cuarón and I'm a filmmaker. I directed, co-wrote, edited and produced GRAVITY starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. My other films include Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN, CHILDREN OF MEN, and HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.

Writers Guild of America, West Statement on Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger
"Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is bad for everyone: content creators, programmers, suppliers, and consumers. As writers know all too well, media consolidation leads to already too powerful companies limiting competition. The WGAW will fight to stop this ill-conceived merger."

Enter Olympus, who yesterday announced the development of a new ultra-wideangle zoom for the micro 4/3 standard that on paper looks like a big improvement. The new 7-14mm f2.8 is a whole f-stop faster than the 7-14mm lens from Panasonic. It is dust and splash proof and if the optical quality is in line with other Olympus PRO line lenses it should be very good.

Product Review: Fiilex P360 and P180E Full-Spectrum Color LED Studio Lights | ProVideoCoalition
Designed for portability for the independent videographer shooting interviews, quick setup talking head studio shots or even portable green screen, Fiilex P-series LED lights provide a wide range of flexibility to match ambient lighting or provide enough light to give a decent single-subject studio shot on their own.

Resolution vs. Sensor Size: Which Matters More? | David Pogue
Bigger photosites soak in more light and generate less heat, which means less digital “noise.” Other things being equal, you always want bigger pixels on your sensor.

Before we begin; a warning. Like they say in every movie theater you go into nowadays: “Please silence your cell phone,” Don’t forget to turn off the ringer and all notifications if you are going to use it as a camera during the ceremony. You don’t have to turn it off, just set it in airplane mode. Here are a few other tricks to using these amazing little devices.

A Concise Guide to Choosing a New Lens | Digital Photography School
You may find it helpful to think of lenses in categories rather than specific focal lengths. That’s because the field-of-view of a specific focal length depends on the size of your camera’s sensor (learn why in our article Crop Factor Explained). The benefit of considering lenses this way is that each type suits certain subjects. If you are into landscape photography, for example, then a wide-angle lens of some sort is essential. If you photograph sports, then it is difficult to do without a telephoto lens.

A $30 Mac animation/web building tool that authors HTML5 (and a couple of other formats!)
Hype 2.5 review: Tumult's 'love letter' update to its users is a triumph | MacWorld
Hype 2.5 addresses this issue in a major way, offering two alternative platforms for viewing animations: video and GIF animation. HTML5 is still clearly the program’s focus, but in expanding its export options, Hype 2.5 has opened itself up to an entirely new kind of user: budding animators.

Watch: Endearing & Amusing "Blooper Reel" From The 'Lego Movie' | IndieWire
To keep the marketing blitz going, Warner Bros. have released a meta-like “blooper reel” for the “Lego Movie” which is obviously winky-winky, but clever considering animation is planned out in advance and can’t really have traditional bloopers. Running two and half minutes, most of the bloopers are devoted to Will Arnett as the arrogant and inept Batman and Chris Pratt as the lead Lego character Emmett.

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