Monday, December 09, 2013

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After Effects | Creating an Animated Crumpled Paper Effect With TrapCode MIR | Lester Banks
Inspired by the opening animation for Community, Trevor Penner set out to create something similar in After Effects and walks through how to create a crumpled paper animation with the use of TrapCode MIR.
TrapCode MIR lends its self well to this effect, allowing you to get a 3D look right within After Effects using a custom paper image as a base. Trevor also rounds out the look of the animation using RedGiant’s Mojo.

'How To Qualify Your #Documentary For An #AcademyAward' by @HunterWeeks for @OldFolksRock | Film Courage

Attention, Documentary Filmmakers: Here Are 9 Tips for Finding and Securing the Archival Material You Need | IndieWire
1. Beware the internet."Everything is being pulled from the web and then, under deadline pressure, [filmmakers] are trying to find out who owns it. Usually, those filmmakers end up having to hire a very experienced research clearance person to try to sort out things. There's a way to work with things from the internet, but it's the wrong approach to take everything as placeholders and then at the very end, under a time crunch, try to figure out how it's all going to be licensed." -- Scott Norman

Creating analog with digital: the beautiful black-and-white cinematography of ‘Nebraska’ | The Verge
Although initially reluctant, Paramount did agree to Payne’s idea of releasing the movie in black and white — with one caveat. Some markets and outlets would be given a color version, which meant that shooting on black-and-white negative was out.

Intelligent Assistance: Producer’s Best Friend (Video) | Larry Jordan
The Producer’s Best Friend is a new utility from the folks at Intelligent Assistance. Many times, at the end of a project, producers need to generate massively detailed reports listing all music cues, stock footage, titles, effects, even transitions. Compiling these reports can take days.

Super 8 bounces back with a new professional level super8 camera! Analogue filmmaking is back! | Red Shark News
The camera has been created by a Danish father and son team Tommy and Lasse. 63 year old Tommy is an expert on the Lathe and precision mechanics whereas his 30 year old son is similarly skilled in micro-controller software. Together they have put together a Super 8 camera that can rival high end 16mm cameras in functionality.

When you should NOT shoot 4K video | Red Shark News
On the other hand shooting weddings and events, a low-budget web series, or thirteen half-hour episodes for a modest reality show in a mere 24 days with next to no support – not even a camera assistant! - 4K image capture might not be the wisest choice. God made small-format cameras for a reason; they are ideal for documentaries and non-fiction type programming like sports, nature films, and reality shows.

Stolen...adventures with cameras | Sam Morgan Moore
I had decided to open with a long shot that could hold some titles and then do a ‘big move’ the shot starts inside a scrap van, booms up to meet Simon and then booms down to his feet, I did this on my ‘Steadi Boom’ which is a combination of a GoPro on a twin axis brushless stabilised head and a boom that I have made that works with my Steadicam arm, vest, monitor, batteries and vehicle hard mount.

VIDEO: Do-it-Yourself – Lighting Studio | Mastering Photo
You can easily create your own photographic lighting studio with a backdrop, lights, and some of the homemade diffusers, reflectors and gels that you can learn to make in this series of videos. This video tutorial shows basic set-up and techniques for lighting objects or images with artificial lights.

The Economics of a Hit TV Show | Price Onomics
AMC extended the runtime of the last two episodes from 44 to 54 minutes – 75 minutes apiece with commercials – and raised its advertising rates to as much as $400,000 per 30-second spot. The 21 minutes of commercial airtime in “Felina,” the show’s final episode, may have earned the network $7-8 million in advertising revenue.

Sony Promotional video for NEX-EA50UH
I like this camera, perhaps because I have one(!) It's currently $2,625 after a $600 rebate.

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