Friday, December 13, 2013

The News

SpeedGrade CC (7.2) Update | Adobe
This update focuses on performance enhancements and bug fixes for the Direct Link workflow. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC December 2013 Release | Adobe
This release brings multiple performance enhancements to Premiere Pro, and several new features.

Planar tracking and camera solver with Mocha, After Effects & Plexus | AEScripts
In this tutorial, Mary Poplin of Imagineer Systems uses mocha Pro and After Effects to design a dynamic animated, tracked graphic.

Digital-Transition Doc Side by Side Gets Archived … on Film | Studio Daily
Kodak is publicizing the decision as a testament to film's continued viability as a stable preservation medium, especially when there is no time-tested equivalent in the world of digital archives.

Developing a Concept for a Video | Photofocus
Don’t try to reinvent what already exists. You need to closely examine what’s already in the web video universe or competitive marketplace.


A Guide to Handheld Camera Operating with Sean Bobbitt, BSC,

Rags refer to materials used to diffuse, bounce or block light.

"This is the Sony NEX-FS700 VS Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera video test. Again, I only compared the sharpness, dynamic range and video quality."

I believe this was shot with the Movi. Looks nice:

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