Monday, December 16, 2013

4K is hard, Death of the Canon 7D, MacPro's and things

Exploring a 4K workflow in FCPX | HD Warrior
Philip Johnston got to play with the Sony 4K Camcorder, the FDR-AX1 ($4,498). But then he had problems with editing the footage in Final Cut Pro X (readers suggested trying something else) and decided that the 4:2:0 8bit color isn't good enough, so he's going to try for the professional version of the camera, the PXW-Z100 ($5,499).

More troubling (and rumored when it was released) the sensitivity of the camera is lower than similar HD cameras. A reader comment in the post notes:
It is about 1 or 2 stops slower than the NX5U depending on the available light. 
So maybe you should stick with HD for the moment...

Death of the Canon 7D?
Canon Rumors has run a couple of posts about the future of the Canon 7D. The first reports a rumor that there will be no Canon 7D Mark II, while the second consists of thought's about whether it can really be true that Canon is abandoning this segment:
This got me thinking today whether or not it was possible that Canon would abandon this segment of the APS-C camera lineup. I came to the conclusion that they will not.
I wonder whether the reality is that the space for this segment is evaporating?

The Canon 7D is currently selling for $1,399 (when it was released it was selling for $1,699.) The 70D is currently $1,099.  The full frame 6D is $1,799, but as Canon Rumors reported (right after their articles about the 7D), it's been down to $1,499, which raises the question; are full frame sensor cameras approaching the price of the high-end APS-C sensor cameras, and killing that market?

New 12-Core Mac Pro Once Again Shows Up in Benchmarks | Mac Rumors
The new Mac's are coming, and here are the confusing benchmarks:
As predicted, the single-core score for the high-end Mac Pro is actually lower than seen with the other new Mac Pro models due to the lower maximum clock speed of the 12-core chip, but multi-core testing obviously shows a significant boost in performance compared to the Mac Pro model carrying the 8-core processor.

iFilmFest app | iTunes
I haven't tried it, but I gather this app keeps you up to date on "The World's Best Film Festivals"

Premiere in the down time | GarberShop
I finally got a chance to get my edit on this weekend with the Premiere CC December update. This will be the shortest review of Premiere on the blogosphere:
He also posts a link to this more in-depth list of feature desires:

PREMIERE CC: I know I'm using caps but I'm saying PLEASE? | Mike Nichols | The Edit Doctor
My ongoing list of wishes and wants along my journey from the APPLE FCP world to ADOBE… Some are previous off the old list and some all news ones as well… Although I do dig the company ADOBE and their handling of the Pro Community…  I regretfully still do not yet feel I totally dig editing with Premiere CC…

December 2013 updates: After Effects CC (12.2) and After Effects CS6 (11.04) | Adobe
It is with great pleasure I get to announce a new feature-bearing update to After Effects CC (12.2) that we released today. Todd Kopriva has put together a detailed list of what’s new and changed in After Effects CC (12.2). Along with the update to After Effects CC, we have also updated After Effects CS6 with a couple of bug fixes. Todd also has a list of what’s changed in After Effects CS6 (11.0.4) here.

This week’s Go Creative Show features our very own technical editor Matt Allard. In his day job he is a TV news cameraman for the Al Jazeera English network. Based in Asia he has shot numerous disasters and major news events. Recently he covered Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and in this episode he discusses his approach and methodology with show host Ben Consoli. 

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