Tuesday, November 05, 2013

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D3ing the F3 | Sam Morgan Moore
Working with the Sony F3:
So I've been fiddling around with Sony Slog footage from my new camera. The trouble is that it is so flat ‘where to go’?Then I realised, make it look like a camera you like, and the Nikon D3 stills camera is a camera I like.

Exclusive images show skydivers' terrifying collision and chaotic plunge | NBC News
This is about the most amazing footage I've ever seen:
The cameras strapped to the skydivers' helmets were supposed to memorialize their perfectly timed jumps and exhilarating descent from two small planes to the earth 12,000 feet below.

What I didn’t realize then was that the financial necessity fueling my venture into the commercial video world, would not only change how I view the online video landscape, but also elevate my ability as a video journalist dramatically.

Found: Long-Lost Movies Now Showing at MoMA | Opening Ceremony
But, like old Polaroids, lost films also have a habit of turning up in odd places––everywhere from GARDEN SHEDS to ANTIQUE SALES to BARNS to archives halfway around the world from where they were originally made. It’s the job of people like Josh Siegel, associate film curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, to hunt those films down, restore them, and, sometimes, screen them, as he is now at MOMA’S FESTIVAL OF FILM PRESERVATION.

Playing the Casting Game: Finding the Next Jennifer Lawrence or Raising the Money to Hire Her | IndieWire
“More than 90% of directing a picture is the right casting,” suggests Martin Scorsese in the revelatory documentary "Casting By." Producers might well reach a similar assessment for financing a picture as well since actors remain by far the most enticing lures to potential investors.

Lavalier Microphones | BH Online Videos
Lavalier microphones are often the appropriate choice in many ENG, public speaking, and theatrical scenarios. In this video, Rob Rives teaches us the basics of lavalier miking and shows us several different lavalier microphones in various price ranges. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&H InDepth. Just click on the "Videos" tab at the top right of the landing page.

How drones will change your life | CNN
The United States doesn't allow for commercial drone usage at all, though that's expected to change in 2015, when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aims to put a plan in place to integrate drones in U.S. airspace. In the meantime, says West, the U.S. is losing $10 billion in potential economic impact for every year the FAA delays.

What Is the Future of Television? | inc
Whether you are a business owner ensconced in the film or TV industry, an entrepreneur looking for the opportunities that flow from disruption of those industries, or a consumer enjoying the evolution of entertainment, change is coming--and quickly.

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It | Wired
As a result, Verizon took the FCC to court to void the 2010 FCC rule. Verizon went to court to attack the part of the rule forbidding them from discriminating among websites and applications; from setting up — on what we once called the information superhighway — the equivalents of tollbooths, fast lanes, and dirt roads.

Sony Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe Events and Workshops | Sony
If you're in the UK this looks interesting...and free!
CineAlta is revolutionising the way that feature films, TV dramas, documentaries, music promos and commercials are being created. This workshop will equip you with an understanding of the processes required to produce your next idea for the big screen with CineAlta.
What you will learn:
- Set up and operation of the F65, F55 and F5 CineAlta cameras.
- An opportunity to shoot "pre-scripted" shots on the set that challenges the cameras' capabilities.
- Understanding the RAW on set and post production process.
- Grading pictures in post-production.
- Viewing the result.

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