Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More from Canon on the C100 focus upgrade

Yesterday Canon announced a Dual Pixel AF upgrade for the Canon C100. It promises faster focusing, but you have to send the camera in to Canon to get the upgrade - which costs $500 - and the upgrade will be available starting February 2014.

I was wondering what the upgrade involved (was the sensor replaced?), and whether it would be a permanent upgrade to future models, so I sent an inquiry to Canon. They responded:
1. There is no need to change the image sensor in the EOS C100 digital video camera in order to perform this feature upgrade.
2. This is an optional upgrade, and as such it will not be installed at the factory for future shipments of the C100.

If you're interested in the upgrade, you might want to check out Jonah Kessel's article about it at News He's not really sure he needs the feature, but the article also includes a description of how it works: CANON C100 UPGRADE: DUAL PIXEL CMOS AUTOFOCUS BREAKS INTO C SERIES CAMERAS | News Shooter

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