Friday, October 18, 2013

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a First-Time Director | Vulture
You're standing in the way of your own movie.Something I didn’t know going in is that first-time directors are considered by financiers to be "deadly attachments," meaning that even if financiers are interested in your script and your vision, you are still considered to be a strike against their desire to invest in the film. 

Dan Chung likes the look of the Sony RX10's video capabilities too:
...the RX10 has a number of features not seen together before now in a small camera. It has a built-in 3 f-stop ND filter, clean HDMI feed for outputting to a monitor or external recorder (via micro-HDMI socket), zebras (settable from 70% to 100%) and peaking for focus and exposure assist, a mic input and optional XLR audio jackpack, a headphone jack and an OLED electronic viewfinder.

Review of the iPhone 5S 120fps super slow motion | Philip Bloom
The results aren’t bad. Considering it’s a phone especially. They are pretty respectable. I wouldn’t call the image detailed, or sharp. It’s a bit soft really. It aliases and moires all over the place and the dynamic range is atrocious. Worst of all though it looks REALLY video-y…BUT with care in the grade you can work with it and remove that video look.

YouTube is Vaudeville 2.0 | Tranmedia Coalition
Today, YouTube content similarly suffers in comparison to TV. YouTube is perfect for cat hijinks and car wrecks and emerging personalities, but so far it has not produced great storytelling. We have yet to see I Love Lucy or The Sopranos for YouTube. This doesn’t mean that YouTube talent is incapable of telling great stories (in fact, the greatest stars of the 20th century started in Vaudeville), but the context and format of YouTube video make retaining audience attention sufficiently very difficult.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC October 2013 Release | Adobe Blogs
This is from September, but a new release of Premiere Pro is coming any day now, and this is what you can expect:
Responding to rapid changes in the industry with the move to Ultra High Definition 4K formats and beyond, Premiere Pro’s outstanding native media support has been given a major boost this release. New native file format support for Cinema DNG, Sony RAW, Phantom Cine, improved MJPG from Canon 1DC, Sony XAVC Long GOP, Panasonic AVC Ultra (Long GOP), 64 bit ProRes decoding (Mac OS X 10.8 or higher only), and support for exporting XAVC up to 4K and AVCi200 is included, and Cinema DNG can be debayered on a supported GPU for even better performance.

Collaborating with Vincent Laforet | The Music Bed
VL: The most important thing has always been the story. People ask what I’m working on, and I’m always working on making the best stories possible. Whether I’m a journalist with The New York Times, telling other people’s stories with a still camera, or working on new things like commercials or shorts or a feature film, it always comes down to finding interesting stories and telling them in the best possible way.

Nikon announced a new DSLR, the D5300, that's $796.95. Not sure that it offers anything particularly interesting in the video department, but I should at least mention it...especially as you can get it in red:
The newest Nikon DSLR, the Nikon D5300, boasts many of the features you would expect from Nikon, plus something completely new. The new D5300 features built in Wi-Fi making it convenient for the user to transfer files. There have been Wi-Fi enabled accessories for Nikon DSLR cameras in the past, including dongles and Wi-Fi cards.
And FYI, you can get the Canon 6D for $1,575 (after checkout) at B & H with $145 of accessories - for a limited time. And yes, I didn't mention the 6D in yesterday's discussion of full-frame DSLRs because the video on the 6D isn't as good as the 5D Mark III, so meh...

Extract a Pretty Outline from a Fountain Screenplay | Slugline
Fountain is a script writing tool:
Matthew McCowan, creator of the Shotlists from Fountain tool, is at it again. Responding within hours to my request, he whipped up Outline From Fountain, a utility for creating Markdown-formatted outline documents from a Fountain file containing Sections and Synopses.

My Crowdfunding Crash Course: 14 Tips from The Royal Road | Filmmaker Magazine
1) Make sure your description is compelling, as concise as possible and conveys urgency. Before posting I ran mine past a couple of folks for feedback and got really good input. Definitely take the time to do this and make your description the best it can be.

I am Paul Greengrass, director of Captain Phillips, The Bourne Ultimatum, and various other films. AMA. | Reddit
Well the Bourne movies were a blast from first moment to last. They were hard work, I have many happy memories of those movies, but I suppose the standouts would be the big chases, in particular the big chase around Waterloo Station in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Making Masterpiece | WGBH Event
Join Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton and Porter Square Books, for a conversation and book-signing on the national publication date of her memoir “Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! on PBS.”
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at the WGBH Studios, One Guest Street, Brighton, MA
7pm: Conversation with Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton moderated by Jared Bowen, host of WGBH’s Open Studio
8pm: Book signing and dessert reception

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