Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mavericks on the 22nd and Adobe Creative Cloud update expected today UPDATE: Delayed

Reader Paul Antico reports:
It looks like we will get Mavericks on the 22nd. (The Apple event has yet to be announced by Apple, but it has been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, the, And the usual reliable sources.)

I think we will see MacPros available for preorder, with sale anywhere from the 22nd to November (more likely). I think we will definitely see the long overdue Retina Macbook Pros with Haswell. (Mavericks definitely increases battery life on the current model however). And of course the new iPads.

All of that said, Adobe is on track for a big CC update today; as early as a week and a half ago in their forums they still maintain that is the date by telling people there are various bug fixes in it to be addressed "in our next release on Oct 15th".

UPDATE 12:00pm: Adobe Customer Care has tweeted:
astralape Hi,we originally intended to release CC updates today Oct 15th however we need more time for additional testing. Thanks ^Nicolas

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