Friday, August 16, 2013

The News

Need Creative Podcast Episode 57 is a celebration of the Music Video artform!
Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions is joined by Stephen Gottlieb, founder of A website dedicated to music videos and their creative community. We talk about the current state of the music video industry, the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards and how you can become a better music video director or producer.

Guest Post: Building a Story’s Foundation … One Board at a Time | Hollywonk
Using the Amazon Studios Storyboard tool:
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman is a screenwriter, columnist, and co-founder of #scriptchat, a weekly gathering of writers on Twitter. Amazon Studios asked her to try Amazon Storyteller, a tool that lets you turn your script into a storyboard (like hers). Here’s how it went:

Story Structure: The Art of the Dilemma | Script Mag
When I came to the recognition that having a strong dilemma is the key component of the setup in each story arc, my perspective opened up. I teach the idea that if you have a powerful enough dilemma at the opening of your TV pilot, the series should be the answer to the dilemma. 

How To Conduct A Camera Test | Ryan Walters | Zacuto
Camera tests are getting overlooked and written off as unnecessary by a lot of productions these days. It is unfortunate that camera tests are not seen as valuable, as they can be informative and can potentially reveal unforeseen issues prior to walking onto set. It is always cheaper to resolve a problem before the shoot than it is when everyone is standing around on set waiting for a solution to materialize. 

GoPro Action-Camera Housings and Mounting Solutions | B & H
Since they’re used in a plethora of conditions by a variety of athletes, photographers, and videographers, it makes sense that GoPro offers dozens of different mounting solutions and housings for their HERO3 camera. Most of the mounts and housings are also compatible with the older GoPro HERO cameras as well. Read more to learn about many of the latest GoPro housing and mounting options available for action-sports enthusiasts.

Steadicam Curve is Coming Soon! | Sweepstakes
The Curve is a tiny steadicam designed for use with the GoPro. It's coming can't even order it yet, but you can enter to win one on their site.

The Videos

For the end of the week, three pretty informative videos...

BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera - A Few Quick Tips
Special note about SD card compatibility (or lack, thereof)

Zoom H6 Review/Tests/Comparison to Tascam DR-60D and Riggy-Micro RM333
A detailed look at the new Zoom H6 ($399.99) and comparison to the Tascam DR-60D ($349) audio recorder and the juicedLink RM333 Riggy Micro Low-Noise Preamp ($399)

Tripod Steadicam!
Film Riot turns a tripod into a form of Steadicam

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