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Traveling with the Sony F55 | Sony
A post by Gavin Rawlings about shooting with the Sony F55:
I remember the first shot I filmed with the F55. It was at the top of the largest sand dune in the Simpson Desert; Big Red. The environment just leant itself to being filmed in 4K. I combined the 4K shooting with Canon’s 30-105 light weight zoom and the F55 produced some remarkable imagery

Upcoming Adobe Webinars
Create a distributed production pipeline with Creative Cloud
Thursday, August 22, 201310:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific
Controlling Time in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC
Thursday, August 29, 201310:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific

TECH: Complete Guide to Aerial Photography & Videochase jarvis
Helicopter safety. It is critical that you understand how to navigate your way safely in and around this machine. There are two hard and fast rules that all helicopter people live by when it comes to helicopters: 1) Never walk around the tail-end of the helicopter while its on the ground and 2) the pilot is always in charge. Always.

6 Tips for Effectively Shooting Behind The Scenes | PetaPixel
1. Know When to Be InvisibleI feel like a common mistake photographers make when shooting behind the scenes is trying to be too invisible to the talent. While it’s true that you don’t want the people you’re shooting to be too aware of your presence for fear that they’ll put on a show for the camera that feels fake you also don’t want boring footage/photos.

144 frames of grade-a, raw motion! | Digital Bolex
The Digital Bolex appears to be moving closer to an actual product:
We had a very special delivery in LA on Friday, so we were busy over in Digital Bolex land. Here’s a little preview of what we were up to. A six second, 24FPS present from us to you to get the week moving!

What Cameras Are Festival Filmmakers Using in 2013? | No Film School
Most popular? Arri Alexa, Canon 5Ds (I guess some filmmakers didn’t specify the Mk when responding to the survey), RED EPIC and Sony F3 — roughly in that order, with the RED EPIC and Sony F3 tied.

DragonFrane 3.5 The latest release of this stop motion tool is now available

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding | io9
Interesting piece for writers and filmmakers about creating science fiction and fantasy worlds:
2. Not explaining why events are happening now.Chances are your story revolves around all heck breaking loose in your fictional world. (Or your fictionalized version of the "real" world.) One major worldbuilding flaw is not explaining why heck is breaking loose now, as opposed to 20 years ago or 20 years from now. Why is the dark elf army showing up now? 

A M A Z O N   S A N D I S K   S A L E   T O D A Y

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