Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Vincent Laforet has posted the latest news on the MōVI M10s - it will ship in 30 days, and the MōVI M5 will be available in October-December, and cost $4,995.

Meanwhile everyone seems to be creating camera cages for the GoPro as Cinescopophilia highlights the cage from CineShark and two from Lensse.

Tech News has a piece about using an octocopter to shoot some Gettysburg battlefield footage,

4/3 Rumors reports that John Brawley of Blackmagic tweeted the Blackmagic Pocket CInema Camera will ship on July 25th. [Oops, no he didn't. He tweeted that the firmware now includes new features: Auto-focus & battery percent remaining - see comment below - Ed] (You can pre-order at B&H for $995)

Over on YouTube, The Basic Filmmaker offers some basic tips on lens buying (buy the best you can, lenses are more important than cameras, etc..) and if you're looking for a good podcast, the latest NeedCreative Podcast features Cinematographer Will Barratt discussing the horror genre, as well as the Adobe Creative Cloud update, a review of the Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor by Paul, and much more.

Interested in 4K color correction? Studio Daily has an interesting piece: Colorworks Executes an Apocalyptic 4K DI for This Is the End

When should you finance that new camera (or lens)? When they offer 0% financing would be my answer, oh, and when you know you can pay the bill. Over at Red Shark, Pater Savage offers more thoughts and goes into the whole thing in some depth: Is Financing Right for You?

David Slade has started a new site: My First Shoot: My First Shoot is a weekly interview series where directors interview directors about their "first time".

Interested in Stop Motion Animation? Over at VideoMaker, Josh Funk offers three important concepts every animator should know: Timing, Motion Arcs and Overlapping Action.

Thinking of shooting RAW? Peter J. Haas offers some advice in Preparing to shoot RAW | RedShark News. A fairly in-depth piece covering size difference, cards, shooting ratios and managing media.

Other announcements:

Finally the Bitter Script Reader explains why science-fiction writers should avoid techno-babble:

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Anonymous said...

Concerning, "4/3 Rumors reports that John Brawley of Blackmagic tweeted the Blackmagic Pocket CInema Camera will ship on July 25th.":

JB did _not_ tweet that the BMPCC pocket cam will ship on 7/25. He tweeted the current firmware includes new features: Auto-focus & battery percent remaining.

The BMD events on 7/25 & 8/5 may or may not be related to the cam shipping. Stay tuned ...