Friday, June 21, 2013

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Douglas Trumbull, Natalie Wood's Last Director, Returns With Sci-Fi Project
| The Hollywood Reporter
The innovative filmmaker, inventor (Showscan) and Oscar recipient's new 10-minute project was made in 4K 3D and at a high frame rate of 120 frames per second. (By comparison, The Hobbit was made in 2K 3D at 48 fps. And James Cameron’s high frame rate test from 2011 went as high as 2K 3D at 60 fps.)

How Douglas Trumbull Made a 4K Film in 120 fps Stereo 3D | Studio Daily
Trumbull shot with Canon C500 cameras in a 3D camera rig from 3ality and recorded raw data at 120 fps. Live-action elements, including actors, were shot in front of green screens in Trumbull's studio for later compositing into 3D environments.

| CrumplePop
In the two years since FCP X was introduced, there has been what refers to as “The Plugin Explosion.” With a running start, and thanks to FCP X’s remarkable Effects architecture, we were able to ship a full suite of useful plugins for FCP X within a year of it shipping. To our amazement, sales of FCP X plugins were strong right away.

How to correct colors in Final Cut Pro X | MacWorld
The primary tool for correcting video in Final Cut Pro X is called the Color Board. With the playhead over a clip in your project that you want to correct, open the Inspector (press Command-4 or click the Inspector button in the toolbar) and select the Video pane if necessary.

Levels and Curves and Color Correction Oh My! | Dare Dreamer
Today I want to quickly give my two cents on one of the plugins you get can via FxFactory – Nattress’ Levels and Curves. (Disclaimer: I was granted an NFR code of this program so that I could perform this review.)

Sony’s new interface unit delivers 2K and 4K RAW recording capability for the NEX-FS700 camcorder | Sony
Sony has today launched its HXR-IFR5 interface unit, which enables 2K RAW and 4K RAW recording for the NEX-FS700 camcorder, giving professional users a significant jump in performance, a broader choice of creative tools and unprecedented production flexibility. The HXR-IFR5 interface unit connects the NEX-FS700 to Sony’s new AXS-R5 RAW recording system, creating a powerful combination that takes full advantage of the camcorder’s 4K imager.

How Lenses Assist Storytelling: Part Three | Shane Hurlbut | Hurlblog
We did not want the audience to get comfortable in the fact that just because Stan got one hit, he is going to continue on that streak. We did not start low with the camera; instead, we chose at eye level. He is not at a power spot. Notice that the background is more in focus than his previous at bats. He is getting the batter’s hawk eye back.

Zacuto’s Blackmagic Stinger: My Experience and Review | Brian Troy Films
The Stinger is $1,425 in a configuration for the C300, or there's this configuration for the C100/C300/C500:
'Starting off I used a small shoulder rig: the Jag35 Version 1 Full Shoulder Rig. I bought this rig when it became available in 2010. I used it for almost every shoot. It was great for stabilization, tracking shots, small film shoots; you name it. It got the job done. It also happened to be one of the most inexpensive shoulder rigs on the market at the time. 

Ep. 49 - "The Collation" (with Don Packer) | NeedCreative Podcast
Co-hosts Paul Antico of Anticipate Media and Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions talk all kinds of news, including the latest from Apple's 2013 WWDC and what it means to Creatives. They are then joined by founding member and past president of the Massachusetts Production Collation Don Packer to talk the developments in the film industry and all about the Massachusetts Production Collation.

13 Ways to Cast A-List Actors in Microbudget Films | Filmmaker Magazine
6. Don’t Have a List! Every director has some sort of list in mind about your dream cast. Forget it! You will never get your dream cast. Not all of them, not on your budget, and not on the week you want to start shooting. And then when you do cast someone else, you will always view them as inferior to the person you had in mind when you wrote the script or made your list. 

Mac pros react to the Mac Pro | TUAW
Pros need a lot of storage. Video editor Lou Borella bemoans the lack of Thunderbolt peripherals, saying that the "missing piece is the lack of high-speed Thunderbolt-native RAID 5 storage systems" and "very, very few 5- to 10-drive RAID 5 systems, which we editors need the most."

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