Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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10 Lessons on Filmmaking from Director Alejandro Jodorowsky
| Filmmaker Magazine
5. Be present, all the time.There is no difference between preparation and being on set. When I am filming, I am completely there. In every moment you are making a picture, every day, every hour, I am a hundred percent there.

UPDATE - Free Webcast: The Anatomy of a 4K Feature | ProVideoCoalition
Join us on June 27th at 11:00am PDT for this free webcast
4K is on the tip of everyone's tongue…but just how feasible is it today? Join us for a re-broadcast of a "How we make movies" event from RED Studios, Hollywood. Recorded in front of a live audience, Director Jeremy Torrie & Gary Jackemuk, colorist and DI Artist, discuss the benefits and challenges of creating a 4K workflow for their film, Path of Souls, while adopting the latest technologies to finish the film remotely.

Filmmaker picks a copyright fight with “Happy Birthday” | Ars Technica
Filmmakers and TV producers have long been harassed by Warner/Chappell Music, a subsidiary of Time Warner that enforces the copyright on "Happy Birthday," probably the most popular song in the world. If that song pops up in any TV show or movie, the creators are sure to get a hefty bill.
This One Page Could End The Copyright War Over 'Happy Birthday' | NPR
The complaint goes through the history of the song in excruciating detail. One key detail: The complaint says the lyrics were published by the Board of Sunday Schools of the Methodist Episcopal Church in a 1911 book, long before copyrighted versions of the song appeared. Here's the key page:

The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide – AVAILABLE NOW! | EOSHD
It is available to download immediately and for the first week you can get 33% off the usual price making it just $19.99.It is an enormous 12 chapters and 106 pages.

The New Mac Pro: 4 Things You Didn’t Know | Mashable
There's No Power Brick
The case, by the way, unlocks and slips off effortlessly. This means the Mac Pro should be easy to service. As many who saw the Mac Pro on the WWDC floor can attest, the memory cards are quite visible and accessible.

The Sunday Conversation: Vilmos Zsigmond's technique comes into focus
| Los Angeles Times
Hitchcock was making these kinds of movies, and I learned a lot from him. I thought a lot about that revolution in the movies, that suspenseful kind of storytelling. It also showed in the lighting. One of the apartments we kept dark for the [character] who doesn't like light.

Filmmakers win exclusion from EU-US trade talks | MovieScope
Ahead of the G8 Summit, European filmmakers have won the battle to have film excluded from the EU-US Trade Talks. At a meeting in Brussels, attended by the EU’s 27 Ministers of Commerce who are responsible for defining the content of trade negotiations to be opened between Europe and the United States, the ministers bowed to filmmakers’ pressure for the exclusion of culture and the audiovisual sector from the negotiations.

Light & Shadow | Zacuto
A year and a half in the making, shot simultaneously on and after Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012, Zacuto presents a Steve Weiss film, Light & Shadow.If you have only one takeaway from Light & Shadow, let it be a reminder that cinematography, like all art forms, is something that comes from within. The technical can be taught, and anyone can pick up a camera and learn how to operate it. To capture an emotion and move an audience through visual storytelling is what real artists are all about. The big question is this: can it be learned or are you born with it? With or without this born talent, it’s still upon you to keep learning and honing your craft.

Evaluating an Application's Video Color | Apple Developer
As discussed in Technical Note TN2227, ColorSync creates a color transform that provides a perceptual match between a known broadcast video color space (as specified by the 'nclc' tag) and the specific chromaticity and gamma characteristics of your display (as defined by the display's ICC profile). This color transformation is then applied to every pixel of each frame by the GPU in realtime as the video is played back on screen.

SUN - 4K | Sebastian Wiegärtner | Vimeo
I used the new Carl Zeiss Compact Zooms 28-80 2.9 and 70-200 2.9. Great zoom lenses, noticed nearly no focus and zoom shift. Everything shot within 3 hours on the Red Epic at 5K / 95fps. Be sure to download the 4K file here on Vimeo. So much better and less compression.
Edited in 5K natively. Software was Adobe Premiere CS6 and Film Convert. Added Grain with this tool, as I wanted to get a very organic look! Worked out pretty well and fast w/ Film Convert.

SUN - 4K from Sebastian Wiegärtner on Vimeo.

Facial Reshaping VFX - Liposuction In Post Production | rousselos Aravantinos | Vimeo

Facial Reshaping VFX - Liposuction In Post Production from rousselos Aravantinos on Vimeo.

Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary by @jamieswb (2013) | Jamie Benning | Vimeo
After 16 months of trawling, reading, spooling, skyping, chatting, interviewing, editing and refining, I am pleased to release Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary (2013). As with my other filmumentaries this is a completely unofficial and non profit making project made with a genuine affection for the film. Enjoy.

Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary by @jamieswb (2013) from Jamie Benning on Vimeo.

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