Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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5 Things I Learned at Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling Tour | Jon Connor
| Kessler University
Lighting is such a crucial part of filmmaking. It’s also one of the most neglected and misunderstood. Watching shorts Alex shot as the DP of the SNL Film Unit, then having him show us why he chose to light things a certain way and then watching as they lit the scene in front of us as he peppered in practical tips and tricks while simultaneously fielding any questions we had was worth the price of admission alone.

How To Bring a Cinematic look to a Small Budget Commercial, part 4
| Ryan Walters | Zacuto
Part 4: Story-boarding On A Small BudgetBefore I begin story-boarding, I will either create a formal shot list, or I will have a rough idea in my head of the shots I need to tell the story. Then when I visit the location, with the script in hand, I will begin the story-boarding process using yet another iPhone app, Artemis.

Product Advisory for the EOS-1D X & EOS-1D C | CanonRumors
In some units of the models listed below, there is a possibility that the following phenomena may occur due to wear caused by insufficient lubrication within the camera’s driving mechanism.
1. AF searches but does not lock in on the subject.(Caused by minute particles produced by wear mentioned above.)
2. The image shown in the viewfinder is “blurry” or “not steady”.(Occurs if wear progresses.)

PMW-300 More pictures and info | Alister Chapman | XDCAM User
Here are some pictures of the new PMW-300 taken at Broadcast Asia. I should be able to get some higher quality images after the show, when it’s no longer in the box. Good news is that the viewfinder is detachable. There are 2 HDSDI outs plus HDMI and dual RCA audio.

Fstoppers Reviews the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens | F Stoppers
Not a review of using the lens for video, but interesting (and it's "only" $799):
It’s designed to give those higher-end consumers a lens that looks great, shoots well, produces images vastly superior to competitors in the focal range and offers a uniquely wide-open aperture. For that, it easily stands out as a top contender for APS-C camera owners looking to get something far better than a kit lens at a focal range that usually screams “beginner.”

Zoom H6 | B & H Photovideo
Four XLR inputs and the "world's first portable six-track recorder,' the H6 looks sort of interesting; I say that because I prefer to record into the camera, but if you have to use an external recorder this might be the one to get. It's $399, available for pre-order now and expected in August.

The 5 Worst Things About Pixar | Drew Taylor | IndieWire
I really like several of Pixar's movies, but have to agree with some of the points here:
3.) Every Movie Ends In A Chase Sequence
Like many of Pixar's bad habits, the every-Pixar-movie-has-to-end-with-a-chase thing was started with patient zero: "Toy Story."

Adobe Creative Cloud

The new release of Adobe's software is now available:

Major Update to Adobe Creative Cloud Now Available | Adobe
We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that our new family of Creative Cloud desktop apps, and many of the powerful publishing and collaborative features that we announced at Adobe MAX in May, are now available. These include:
Hundreds of new features in new versions of the apps you love, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Adobe Muse CC, Dreamweaver CC, Edge Animate CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and more. Your Creative Cloud membership includes more than 30 tools and services that enable professional-grade content creation and delivery across print, web, mobile apps, video and photography.

Warning about using RGB and Luma Curves in Premiere Pro CC
| Creative Impatience
To my great chagrin Premiere Pro CC changed the way curves operate. Right now the curves, both RGB, and Luma, clip the superwhites and superblacks, and there is no interpolation going on after the curves hit 0 or the white level (255 or 1.0). In CS6, the curves followed the general slope, and it was possible to recover some of the “overshot” material. Right now, if you stick to curves, all clipped data is lost.

NEW Adobe RAW plugin update v1.2  Sony
This plug-in provides support for Sony RAW MXF files (F65, PMW-F55/F5 and NEX-FS700) in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and CS6 products, allowing viewing and editing capabilities.

Adobe Creative Cloud is Here! | Red Giant
  • No upgrade cost: As a part of our Red Pledge, you will not need to pay for the updates to the software you’ve already purchased.
  • Red Giant has been participating in Adobe’s Creative Cloud beta programs to ensure all of our products work properly in the new host applications. This means that ALL of Red Giant’s products have been tested for quality inside of After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, and Photoshop CC, where applicable.

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