Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Stunt Driving with the Biscuit Rig, Jr: Interview with Engineer and Driver Robert Nagle | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine 
I had a really interesting chat with Robert Nagle about stunt driving and this special trailer rig they have built:
Robert Nagle studied mechanical engineering and racecar design before becoming a professional race driver. But when he found out that some of the other drivers were working in the film industry, it piqued his interest. Said Nagle, “What I found was that it fulfilled a creative side of me that I didn’t really realize was there.”

NAB 2013 - Tokina New Cinema Lenses | FreshDV | Vimeo
First Samyang, and now Tokina is getting in on the Cine lens business by repackaging the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens with de-clicked aperture, T ratings, new mechanicals and in Canon and Nikon mounts. The optics are unchanged but it's an all-manual lens (not auto-focus etc.) The price is "under $2,000." Shipping around August. They are also showing a 16-28mm which is full-frame, and much more expensive...

Really interesting, and I'm tempted to get one for my Sony NEX-EA50, except that the Sony 10-18mm E mount lens that Sony sells, though not nearly as nice mechanically, and not quite as fast, does have optical image stablization...

NAB 2013 - Tokina New Cinema Lenses from FreshDV on Vimeo.

#TeamAdobe Brings It to NAB 2013 | Eric Philpott | Pro Video Coalition
A look at some new features coming in Adobe's tools:
Editing Finesse represents a whole set of interface and workflow enhancements, including a redesigned timeline, intuitive track targeting, Dupe-detection markers, clearer media start/end labels, and handy new tools, such as Paste Attributes for copying effects from one clip to another. It’s just going to be that much more fun doing your editing in the new Adobe Premiere Pro.
And more from FreshDVNAB 2013 - Adobe Part 1

NAB 2013 - Adobe Part 1 from FreshDV on Vimeo.

FreshDV also take a look atNAB 2013 – Red Giant Bulletproof and Digital Rebellion and Avid & Lightworks

| Jonah Kessel | News Shooter
While his Facebook bio might be simple (“I’m a film maker!”) his success in the viral video world is not. His collaboration with YouTube superstar musician Lindsey Stirling has resulted in hundreds of millions of views. All done with no production company, no record label, no recording studio, no crew.

NAB2013: GLIDECAM TAKES MOBILE FLIGHT | Jonah Kessel | News Shooter
An electronically stabilized rig and a mini rig for your iPhone...
Jonah Kessel looks into a new 3-axis gyro stabilization modification allowing Glidecam users to fly their cameras smoothly in cars or helicopters. Glidecam also demonstrated their new iGlide, a stablization device for iPhone, smart phones or hand held devices. The mobile steady cam will be available in most colors of the rainbow.

NEX-FS700 Camcorder 4K Updatefrom Sony Professional | Sony Professional
| Vimeo I thought that to record 4K from the NEX-FS700 you just had to buy the AXS-R5 4K recorder ($5,350) but it appears you will need the $2,000 HXR-IF5 interface as well?
Juan Martinez, Senior Product Manager for Sony Professional Solutions Division, discusses the latest updates to the NEX-FS700 camera system, and highlights the camera's 4K capabilities.

The Conversation (1974) Audio Commentary with director Francis Ford CoppolaCinephilia and Beyond
Coppola, who directed The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, revealed that his earliest films — like The Rain People and The Conversation — were more like what he’d hoped to do over the course of his career. But then money and life got in the way. “I had to get a job, and of course, the job was The Godfather,” he says.

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