Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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It's the middle of NAB week, and if you're looking for NAB news, make sure to check out News Shooter (aka DSLR News Shooter.) They've been doing a good job of posting interesting pieces like this: NAB 2013: REDROCKMICRO SHOW ONE-MAN BAND AUTOMATED SLIDER, GOPRO CAGE AND BLACKMAGIC CAGE and also NAB2013: RED PROVIDES DRAGON MAKE-OVER AND NEW GLOBAL SHUTTER MOUNT.

Wide Open Camera has also been covering the event; Area 48 Phosphorus LED Soft Light. Wide Open Camera NAB 2013 & Small HD High Bright Monitor. Wide Open Camera NAB 2013.

Definition Magazine has some special free online issues for NAB covering the Blackmagic cameras, ARRI and Zeiss announcements...

Freytag Film has also posted several pieces on NAB products.

Other NAB News

Media Composer 7: Avid Brings Their Flagship NLE into the High Resolution Future and Lowers Price | Robert Hardy | No Film School
Lastly, Avid has dropped the price of Media Composer to $1000. While it’s still a cut above the measly $300 for FCPX or Adobe’s $30/month, the toolset is extremely high-end (especially considering that it comes bundled with Avid DVD and Sorensen Squeeze), and it’s one that you’ll find in just about every major post production house.

More details on global shutter and possible Blackmagic sensor supplier CMOSIS
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
John Brawley says the native ISO of the Production Camera is ‘a smidge’ lower than the native sensitivity of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which was ISO 800. I’m guessing ISO 640 would be the native ISO on the Production Camera. The same drop can be seen between the rolling shutter Sony F5 and global shutter Sony F55. 

New video of the Sony 4K camera (FZ mount, 8 Megapixels, no mirror and coming in 2014) | Sony Alpha Rumors
The video on tops shows you the new 4K Sony prototype. While there are no official specs the camera is “rumored” to have an FZ mount (like the F5 and F55 Cinealta cameras) an 8 Megapixel sensor and definitely no SLT or optical mirror. This is a pure mirrorless camera with Electronic Viewfinder.

Sony Creative Software at NAB 2013 | Sony Professional USA | YouTube
Learn about the latest Sony Creative Software including Vegas Pro 12, Soundforge 10, and Spectral Layers. Presented by Michael Bryant, Director of Marketing for Sony Creative Software.

Sony Professional Audio | Sony Professional USA | YouTube
Learn about Sony Pro Audio's latest product introductions from this year's NAB show. Presented by Karl Kussmaul, Product Manager, Sony's Professional Solutions Division.

ALEXA Showreel NAB 2013

ALEXA Showreel NAB 2013 from ARRI Channel on Vimeo.

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