Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Sony F5 and F55 96-page Report | Jon Fauer | Film And Digital Times
A free 12 MB PDF of the Film and Digital Times Sony F5 and F55 96-page Report is now ready to download.
Major motion pictures shot with the F65 will be released this spring andsummer. I think everyone will be excited to see the results. But the overall price of the F65 may have been a little bit high for television production. We have always felt that prime time television is a Sony domain starting many years ago with the F900, and moving to the F23 and F35. Sony cameras were used to shoot quite a few shows. So, we wanted to get back our leadership position in that part of the market.

REVIEW - Panasonic AG-AC90 Camcorder | ADAM GARSTONE | Definition Magazine
For its very competitive price (around £1500 plus VAT) the AC90 is a really nicely packaged product. It’s lighter than it looks, but is made of good quality plastics and feels like it’ll stand up to the normal levels of abuse. It’s well balanced too, whether you are holding it at eye level or low level by the top handle. The audio controls are protected by translucent, smoked plastic covers and the LCD slides away into the front of the top handle, giving it a sort of lop-sided hammerhead shark look. Overall, it looks and feels a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist | Vincent Laforet | Blog
A $99 color correction tool:
CineStyle Color Assist Tool operates as a stand-alone application that also integrates with Final Cut Pro 7 or Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5/ 6, linking your color correction profiles back to your editing timeline.  The program has an incredibly friendly interface and comes with 25 pre-packaged "looks" that were designed by Technicolor’s colorists.  Of course, you can also design your own grades and presets.  

Reading Screenplays on the iPad mini | Stu Maschwitz | Prolost
Even without a retina display, the mini is a thoroughly pleasant device for reading. And dictating script notes via Siri feels enough like living in the future that I barely miss my flying car.

Ep. 23 - Hurlbut's Visuals (with Shane Hurlbut, ASC) | NeedCreative Podcast
Paul Antico and Jason Sidelinger decided not to take a break because they were joined via Skype by special guest Shane Hurlbut, ASC in Los Angeles to discuss his history and experiences in making major motion pictures. Shane is an accomplished cinematographer who has been the Director of Photography on such memorable motion pictures as “Crazy/Beautiful”, “Terminator: Salvation,” and “We Are Marshall".

Apple 'decimates' pro audio team, digital audio pros fear for Logic's future
| Karen Haslam | MacWorld UK
Okay, but this is the support anyone working on the software, that's the real question and this doesn't seem to answer that question:
There may be no future for Apple's pro audio application Logic if reports that the company has 'decimated' its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true.Pro Tools Expert sources claim that in Europe Apple has just two pro application specialists and no plans to hire any one else.

3 Amazing New Affordable LED Lights Available To Ship | CheesyCam
The K-4000 and K400S 1X1 LED Video Lights are also available on the site. I’ve seen these lights at the last PhotoPlus NY show and was very impressed by the build quality and light output. You can purchase the lights individually, or check out the current specials for (3) 1×1 LED Lights in a kit starting at just $1050 ($350/each).

LACPUG publish the 'Lost Interview' with Hollywood film editor Dede Allen
Unfortunately Dede passed away in 2010, but this interview is a great record of her experiences and knowledge from editing some of the great Hollywood films of the late twentieth century. Classics such as The Hustler, Bonnie & Clyde, Dog Day Afternoon and others make up a pretty impressive list of credits on IMDB. She was also nominated for an Academy Award three times for Best Editing.

Darren Aronofsky & Danny Boyle Interview Each Other on Directing
| Alex Billington | First Showing
Way, way back in 2008, Fox Searchlight coordinated an awesome interview between two incredibly talented and brilliant filmmakers: Danny Boyle and Darren Aronofsky. It was recorded as a back-and-forth interview between the then-directors of Slumdog Millionaire (soon to win Best Picture) and The Wrestler. At first we posted one 4-minute segment years ago, but has since found all 7 pieces to form a full 30-min interview between these filmmakers, so watch if you've got the time. Enjoy!

The Seven Deadly Sins of Screenwriting | Marshall Heyman
| The Wall Street Journal
Taken from screenwriter Neil Landau's book "The Screenwriter's Roadmap: 21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Story"
2. A passive protagonist.
For Mr. Landau, Johnny Depp’s Barnabas Collins in the recent “Dark Shadows” reboot didn’t “have an emotional passionate goal” which meant the movie felt mechanical. Alternatively, both the lead characters in the French hit “The Intouchables” felt “drive by their active needs.” That’s the way to go.

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