Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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First Sony F55 sample movie – 4K 60fps | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Sony wasn't supposed to show these until the 28th, but once again they have leaked out early...
Here it is! Shot in 4K at 60fps for slow-mo, this is a test movie from the Sony F55. Designed to compete head-on with the Arri Alexa, the camera’s major selling points are a global shutter and future proof 4K.Although YouTube streams at 4K bear in mind that there is a LOT of compression added onto the image.

Canon EOS C500 – Review & short film “ALEX” | Nino Leitner | Nino Film
The C500 can’t record anything different from the C300 internally – it’s the same MXF files with the same bit rate (50MBit/s at 4:2:2), even the internal high speed recording isn’t any better (it’s 720p at 60fps in NTSC mode, and 30fps in 1080p mode). An external recorder was essential, and in the beginning we had our share of troubles sourcing one for our shoot.

Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Part 2: Canon and Nikon lens tests, using external batteries | Rick Young | Vimeo
The images were the most film-like images I have worked with since I worked with film. I realise that’s a big statement, though let me qualify it by saying I’ve been shooting and working with video since 1989. My experiences with video gear go back to the 1980’s in days of 4:3, one inch C-format and Betacam before SP or DigiBeta even existed. I’ve used a lot cameras and a lot of formats and the video look has persisted.

Drive Through Snow Canyon with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Andrew Julian
| Vimeo
I'm in southern Utah for Thanksgiving with my brand new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. [...] I wish I had more time to shoot, but I'll take what I can get. I only changed lenses once from the Sigma 8-16 to the Canon 50mm 1.4. I didn't have any ND so I used a faster shutter speed than I'd normally use. The motion of some shots could definitely be smoother with a 180 degree shutter.

One of our readers Mike Ritchie has been in touch to say he has put production model footage online. As he says on the Vimeo page it is ‘nothing fancy, just playing around’, but you can download the full res version from the Vimeo page to get a better idea of how the camera performs. I have not personally shot with the camera yet and am keen to do so, the quality of image from this video already looks good enough for many news shooters working for online publications

SmallHD Unveils Sleek New AC7 OLED Monitors at Ground-Breakingly Low Price Point | Dave Kendricken | No Film School
As you can probably tell from the diagrams, the difference in the way such a panel produces light (unlike LCDs, there’s no backlight by default) means it can achieve far higher contrast ratios than an LCD, because it’s far more capable of producing true black. Because of this, SmallHD is claiming the ratio on their new AC7 series is virtually infinite — which sort of makes the whole idea of using a ratio to describe it obsolete.

First Round of EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1] | CanonRumors
First EOS 7D Mark II Specs Surface
From an unknown source, a vague spec list surfaces for a new APS-C Canon EOS 7D Mark II. The person says an announcement will be coming near the end of February.

Sony VG900 LAEA3 FF No Auto Focus LAEA2 Crop Auto Focus | Cinescopophilia
Received a message from Francesco Bollorino about an issue that his testing of the Sony NEX VG900 camera uncovered; that the supplied lens mount adapter the LA-EA3 works in full frame mode with no vignetting but does not have auto focus features. While the older LA-EA2 lens mount adapter allows for crop mode shooting without vignetting but does have auto focus features.

Product Thoughts: Atomos Digital Recorders | Larry Jordan | Blog
Atomos provides two digital media recorders: the Samurai (illustrated above) and the Ninja. The two units are similar in function. The Samurai accepts HD-SDI signals, while the Ninja accepts HDMI. While the Samurai has a slightly larger monitor, both systems are designed to let you watch your video either during recording, or later playback on set, so you can make decisions on image quality and composition directly during production.

| Barcode films
Don’t Edit What You Won’t Watch
This should be self explanatory but often times we fall into jobs that we do merely for the money and this is a slippery slope. Nothing will help you reach burn out factor faster than cutting material you loath.

Documentary Lab | Film Independent
Application deadline: December 3
Designed to help filmmakers who are currently in post-production on their feature-length documentary films, the Documentary Lab is an intensive seven-week program that runs in Los Angeles in March and April. The Lab’s focus is twofold: (1) provide creative feedback and story notes to the selected filmmakers; and (2) help filmmakers strategize the completion, distribution, and marketing of their film.

$500 off the Sony NEX-VG20 Body only | B & H PhotoVideo
You can get the NEX-VG20 for $1,098.00 through November 30th (or while supplies last.) The latest model, the NEX-VG30 can be pre-ordered for $1,798.00 (body only). One big difference between the two models; the VG30 has a rocker switch on the side handle that can control the 18-200mm Sony Power Zoom Lens (currently only available with the NEX-VG30 and NEX-EA50.)
Amazon is also offering the deal:

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