Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Canon C100 at IBC2012 | Hireacamera | Vimeo
Den Lennie chats with C300 owner and filmmaker Nino Leitner about the C100:
I'm positively surprised that the build quality seems to be exactly the same, I mean they have the magnesium parts and, you know, it's really the same material...I think there are a few things that are a little difficult, for example you don't have 50p or 60p so there's no way of shooting slow motion.

| Filmmaker
Meehan: I would say the biggest challenge was just trying to come up with creative shots. The option was to shoot out of the cell where some light was coming in from the window that gave us this blue background. Otherwise, the walls were pretty white and they were drab, but not necessarily in the best way. I found that it didn’t look interesting drab; it just looked like I was shooting her up against a wall.

Redrock ultraCage expansions | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Now Redrock has extended their line of ultraCage systems to include baseplates and cages for the C100 and BMCC cameras.  The C100 is similar to the C300 baseplate int hat the bottom is shaped the same, but the uprights have been reconfigured to fit the new curves of the C100 body.  Also like the C300 cage, the C100 cage can use the back chassis system.

Workflow for creating a stop motion music video | Eran Stern | SternFX
Detailed step-by-step on how a stop motion video was produced:
In order to shoot the stop motion frames I used the Sony A580 DSLR camera, shooting in RAW mode. I used a Manfroto tripod and took most of the shots with 35mm 1.4 Samyang lens. We did use Moran’s Canon camera for some of the shots because I had some technical problems with my camera on one of the shoots.  I cannot stress this enough: you should always have backup plans for all the components of a production

Driving Test | Sam Morgan Moore | Vimeo
Two short videos shot with the Sony NEX-5N. That's not really interesting; what is interesting is the use of music and cutting to take essentially the same footage and give it a different feeling. You should probably watch it with the sound off first...

F65RAW Plug-in for Avid v1.0 | Sony
Sony releases a RAW plug-in for Avid for the F65:
This AMA plug-in provides supporting F65RAW MXF files in Avid MediaComposer and Symphony products, allowing viewing and editing capability.

6 Filmmaking Tips From Joss Whedon | Cole Abaius | Film School Rejects
Never Lose Sight of the Emotional Stakes
So you’re main character is a mythic beast killer? An astronaut forced to battle dragons? An accountant? No matter what genre rules you’re adhering to, what concept dressing is on the side or what toys you get to play with, don’t forget what’s centrally at stake for your characters.

Building Your Lifelong Filmmaking Career | Norman Hollyn | Moviola
A free webinar on October 31st (or pay to view later):
The skills that we need to find our next filmmaking job are constantly changing. In this webinar Norman Hollyn will show you various ways to create a career plan that will help you find your next filmmaking job, the one after that and the one 5 years from now.

The Best Film Job You’ve Never Had | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
What I’m trying to say is what everyone always says: networking is crucial to your career.
If you don’t network, you may never know what jobs are hidden and what you’re missing out on. It’s true that you can get by eating McDonald’s, but wouldn’t you rather have the best sandwich ever?

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