Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Ridley Scott Talks RED EPIC and Explains How We Can Save the Theatrical Experience | Joe Marine | No Film School
Just recently we had one of the more respected cinematographers working today, Roger Deakins, talking about his experience using the Arri Alexa. Now, Ridley Scott gives us a little bit about his experience working with the RED EPIC in 3D and also explains how we can get people back into movie theaters

Adobe Audition: Audio Repair | Larry Jordan | Blog
How to remove power-line hum and (some) audio glitches in Adobe Audition:
Audition felt that Photoshop should not be the only software with a Spot Healing Brush, so it added one, too. I’m not going to say this brush does miracles, but, boy, its really close. This repair tool works best when you need to remove a range of frequencies, such as a beeping cell phone, without removing dialog at other frequencies.

Logic Pro for Film & TV Mixing | Ben Allan | The Film Bakery
A step-by-step guide to working in audio:
From the Final Cut Pro timeline we exported an OMF (without Levels, Pan or any other adjustments) which then imported directly into Logic Pro 9.  Because FCP (up to v7) only has Mono audio tracks , each channel comes into Logic Pro as a separate Track and Mixer Channel.
Logic itself can easily handle Stereo or Surround tracks and channels so my first task was to simplify the environment by using the Bounce Region facility to turn all of the Dual Mono Clips into Stereo Clips on Stereo Tracks.

How to color correct a horror film (using DaVinci Resolve 9) | Patrick Inhofer
| The Tao of Color
Patrick introduces a new series of instructional materials:
Viewers will be watching me work as I touch the footage for the first time. This means you’ll see my mistakes–not just successes–as well as how I get out of my predicaments. I talk out loud, imagining we’ve got you sitting right next to me and we need to get you trained up to take over for me on the night shift. And I’m never just training you only on software. Workflow, technique, client interaction–if you’re going to take over this chair we need to make sure you’re prepared.

Soon you may only have one choice of LED light in the USA!!! | Philip Johnston
| HD Warrior
I'd heard before about this suit by LitePanels, but didn't know there had been a preliminary ruling:
My good friend Alister Chapman is also up in arms… “Litepanels didn’t invent the LED, they didn’t invent the video light and I don’t think they can legitimately claim that they alone came up with the idea of using LED’s to light a scene for photo or video. This is the US patent office at it’s worst."
It could only happen in America! | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
A follow-up post:
...a USITC Judge upheld Litepanels complaint that the only way to prevent abuse of their patent was an import ban on any type of LED lamp designed for photo or video use that may infringe on their patents.The final determination of the case is expected by January.

Adobe Cuts Forecast as Users Migrate Online | REUTERS | New York Times
Interesting result of the success of Adobe's switch to a subscription model; less short-term income.
Josh Olson, an analyst at Edward Jones, said Adobe’s fourth-quarter earnings and revenue targets indicated that the company’s transition to a more stable revenue model was happening faster than anticipated.

Why Make This Movie? 15 Answers To A Question That Should Be Asked More Often | Ted Hope | Truly Free Film
6. I think movies can change people.  I want to make films that can change people. I have always been drawn to stories that help us relate to people we might feel we have nothing in common to.  Movies allow people to walk a mile in another man’s shoes.

Space Shuttle Endeavour | Benjamin Warde | Camera Curiosities
OK, no curious cameras were involved (just a boring old Nikon D3).  But the space shuttle Endeavour flew over San Francisco today, on the back of a 747, and I had so much fun shooting it, I wanted to share a couple pictures.

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