Monday, August 06, 2012

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DaVinci Resolve 9: How To Upgrade the Pain-Free Way (plus 5 favorite features)
| Patrick Inhofer | Tao Of Color
The biggest problems I’ve had is when I upgraded an existing database and started working within that database. All sorts of funkiness would happen. Features wouldn’t work, buttons wouldn’t activate, projects would get flakey. The easiest way to avoid those problems?
  1. Create a brand-new fresh database
  2. Backup the old database
  3. Upgrade the old database
  4. Import any existing project into the new database.

“Anniversary Day” 1st Boston 3 Minute Short Film Challenge | Rick Macomber
| Macomber Productions
Rick has posted his own blog on the 3 Minute Film Challenge:
Sean had what I consider to be the best light – the magic hour – for his story, as you will see below. I thought he dealt with the changes in the afternoon/evening light very well in the time he had to finish. The C300 also performs very well in low light conditions. The only lights we used on Sean’s short were one Litepanels Micro LED and one Switronix Torch LED BOLT.

Tutorial - After Effects Basics | Chris Fenwick | One On One
Still trying to figure out After Effects? - this tutorial might help:
This is a walk thru of how to set up a basic After Effects project and how to make a basic lower third. It should take you thru some useful beginning tools in the application. Its basically designed for the editor who says, “well, I can open an AE file and change some text, but thats about it.”

Green Screen Production: Ep 106: DSLR | Video Skills with Rich Harrington: Adorama Photography | Richard Harrington | YouTube
When preparing to record a subject in front of a green screen, it is important to find the correct lighting and backdrop. Once you have the green screen set and a test subject lit, you are ready to record and key your new background in post-production In this episode, Rich demonstrates several techniques to keying in Adobe After Effects.

Hands-On Review: MOTU Track16 | BH Online Videos
A look at the MOTU Track16 - Desktop Studio FireWire/USB Interface [$549]
The latest audio interface technology combines impressive conversion quality and high input/output counts into small desktop devices. MOTU has long been a contender in the ring of high quality digital audio. This 10 minute video takes a thorough look at Track 16, MOTU’s latest audio interface. It also gives quick look into their flagship DAW, Digital Performer.

Jordan Cronenweth Document | StephenMurphy | Blogspot
Stephen has put together a PDF with frames from different films by DP Jordan Cronenweth [Stop Making Sense, Blade Runner]:
Sometimes, when I'm studying the work of another Cinematographer, I like to put together a simple document collecting some of the images they've created that I particularly admire. It helps me see the evolution of their lighting style over time and gives me a high benchmark to work towards in my own work.

NeedCreative Podcast Ep. 7 - The Tip Show No. 1 | Anticipate Media
The latest episode of this podcast is out, covering a lot of topics including:
  • The new KineRaw S35 camera
  • Alex Buono visits WGBH to talk Canon Cinema
  • LEDs are green!
  • Flags & Scrims

How AT&T Integrated Olympic Results Into Its Ads So Darn Fast | Rae Ann Fera
| Co.Create
How to turn a project around really quickly:
BBDO then created six versions of the commercial in advance, two for each sport alternately featuring a male or female athlete, with hundreds of different endings to account for a predicted range of winning times. AT&T worked with longtime broadcasting partner NBC to arrange for access to the footage within unusually quick turnaround times so that they could create a campaign that would stand out from the hailstorm of sponsored messages.

The Worlds of Viral Video | Off Book | PBS | YouTube
I'm not familiar with this, but it appears to be from a program about social media and video:
"Viral Video" is the signature phenomenon of internet media. Something akin to pop songs, these videos with irresistible hooks have saturated video culture online and have now evolved into a multitude of sophisticated forms. Whether rooted in comedy, spectacle, schadenfreude, cuteness, politics, performance, or deep meaning, the idea of viral videos, and the huge audiences they generate, have forever changed the values and potential impact of video online.

Zacuto Fee-N-G Review | Spirit Juice Studios | Vimeo
The Zacuto Fee-N-G rig [$1,530] looks like a great shoulder rig for those shooting ENG News style; though the name is a bit weird...
The Zacuto Fee-N-G is an ENG style rig compatible with all DSLR cameras. It is a lightweight & compact, in-line kit ideal for run-and-gun & all types of handheld shooting. The single Zgrip attached to the front of the DSLR baseplate allows for precise camera control without the added weight of a dual handgrip system. With one hand on the grip & the other on the lens, the shooter is always prepared to make critical adjustments to focus & zoom.

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