Sunday, August 05, 2012

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Vintage VS New Lens Shoot Out! | Steve Oakley
Check out 2 new lenses against some 20 to 30 year old vintage glass. Surprising results in shooting resolution charts and real world images. In the mix are the Rokinon / Samyang 35 1.4 and Tamron 17-50 2.8 against classic vintage glass : vivitar 28 1.9, vivitar 28 f2 and kiron 28 f2

The Art and Technology of the PMW-F3 | Sony | Facebook
Sony has released a new brochure on the PMW-F3 :
NEW! PMW-F3 brochure with case studies, latest firmware information, features, and much more. Click here to download it: PMWF3 Brochure (PDF | 7.37 MB)

Skin Deep | Matthew Allard | Vimeo
Matt shot this video using the Sony PMW-F3.

Nokia PureView 808 Review (vs iPhone 4S) | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Before the iPhone I was very interested in camera phones and Japan was leading the way with stuff like the Sharp 903. It had an optical zoom, auto-focus and 3MP sensor as far back as 2002. The initially very poor 2MP camera on the first generation iPhone in 2006 made me think twice about getting one but I did anyway because the rest of it was lightyears ahead of the competition. Nokia meanwhile have long had a line of top end camera phones but not the same fluency in smartphone OS design or the broad range of apps like Camera+, Filmic Pro and Instagram.

Seagate completes purchase of LaCie in quest to become king of the hard drive | Terrence O'Brien | |Engadget
Seagate has successfully acquired a controlling share of LaCie stocks. The provisional price of €4.05 per share could increase to €4.17 if Seagate manages to accumulate 95 percent of the company's stocks in the next six months. As of now, however, it hold just shy of 65 percent, enough to take control of the French manufacturer.

Swiss Snowboard Team @ Gentlemen's Summercamp Schnalstal 2012
| Andreas Kostner | Vimeo
A lot of this video was shot using a Hexacopter:
Zum Einsatz kam ein Photohigher Hexacopter, Glidetrack Shooter, HDSLR Devices Crane MK3, Sony HDR-CX700, Canon 5D MK III, Canon 35mm, Canon 70-200, Canon 24-105 und Samyang 14mm

My new music documentary shot on C300 and FS700 | Philip Bloom
Taster of soon to be released documentary about lead singer/ songwriter of Turin Brakes’ Olly Knights and his attempts to break his writer’s block which spanned many years by going back to complete basics and recording a solo album in his own home using old analogue gear from ebay.

Canon C300 vs. Sony FS100: Image Resolution Test | Jose Luis Hugo | Vimeo
Result: The Canon C300 has much more details and resolution in the image compared to the FS100. At 500%, the C300 shows it has a cleaner image compared the FS100. At 1000% magnification, the image from the FS100 is blurry while the C300 still has details in it.

Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers #36: Mike Birbiglia, "Sleepwalk With Me"
| Indiewire
An interview with comedian Mike Birbiglia about his first new film:
But when I directed my first short in college- which was called "Extras" - I lost thousands of dollars and made an unsatisfying and incomplete film. Standup comedy became an outlet where I could perform my writing without losing thousands of dollars per week. After doing standup comedy as my job for 13 years, I circled back to film and here we are.

Motion 5: Make Audio Move Video | Larry Jordan
This article was suggested by Kiara Lovisetto, a newsletter reader in Italy, who wanted to know how to get video to pulse in time to music.
While we can’t do this in any version of Final Cut Pro, we CAN do it in most versions of Motion, starting with Motion 2. While easy to do, it is NOT obvious.

How You Turn Music Into Money in 2012 (Spoiler: Mostly iTunes) | Robinson Meyer | The Atlantic
Very interesting to see where the income on the web is:
The avant garde cellist Zoe Keating has allowed us see her revenue model. Earlier this summer, she posted the details of her Spotify earnings, revealing that every time someone listened to one of her songs, she made about three tenths of a cent. She also posted her iTunes earnings at the time.

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