Saturday, July 28, 2012

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A look at the Canon EOS M, a little update on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and the Sony PMW-200:
Canon this week announced the Canon EOS M, a small camera that takes an APS-C sensor and stuffs it into a smaller body by doing away with the DSLR mirrorbox and using a new lens mount. The EOS M follows a trail blazed by Canon’s competitors — namely Panasonic and Sony. Sony has had a hit with their NEX- series cameras, and obviously Canon has been watching.

July Color Correction | SpliceVine
Patrick Inhofer did a series on color correction this month on Splice Vine, and it's wrapped up with an interview conducted with Patrick:
The BBC documentary, Do You See What I See? and how it was talking about how a banana tends to always look yellow even under different colored lights.
That’s right. Because we imbue meaning to these objects. These are things we see everyday. We interact with them. So, even though we could be looking at grass, just as the sun is setting or looking at it at high noon or heavy cloud cover where the color temperature has moved from red to really blue and the grass always looks green to us.

Video Interview Lighting Techniques with Gels, Dimmers, Flags, Reflectors
| Richard Harrington | Adorama
When preparing for an on-camera, professional interview, it is important to try to get the most out of the lighting you are using. In this episode, Rich Harrington demonstrates how to get the best skin-tone, hair light, and background light by using different light modifying techniques. Learn how to use lighting accessories such as gels, dimmers, flags, reflectors, and cookies to get a great-looking interview.

Canon 5D MK II – Challenges and Solutions | SHane Hurlbut | Blog
How to deal with the limitations of the Canon 5D Mark II:
Challenge #1: Rolling Shutter
If you operate the camera like my son Myles here, you’re probably going to have rolling shutter issues. When you pan like that with this camera, you’re going to get stuff that bends to the side. If you operate the camera like normal and not too erratic, but still you could be action-oriented, you’re probably going to be okay on rolling shutter. Myles, you’re fired.

Building your audience…A discussion between myself, Nick Campbell and Blake Whitman | Philip Bloom | Blog
At last month’s Vimeo Festival I was part of a discussion about this with Vimeo’s Blake Whitman, Post Production whiz Nick Campbell AKA Nick Vegas. You can see the whole thing below so watch it on your sofa on Apple TV or something!

THAT’S SOMETHING I CAN’T DO | Clients from Hell
Amusing example of an editor dealing with a client:
CLIENT: Let’s just make that dissolve a second longer, but keep the timing to the voice over.
ME: I can’t, that’s the end of the clip.
CLIENT: Okay, but a second longer.

A New Dimension of Filmmaking | Robert Weintraub | Slate
How the film business got safer, though also an example of the danger of dictatorial people leading people who are desperate for the work:
At the controls of the helicopter that was “bombing” the village was Dorcey Wingo, an actual Vietnam veteran. Wingo was new to the movie business, so even when the rehearsal explosions that buffeted his chopper scared him witless, he swallowed his concerns, especially as Landis, who had a reputation for being dictatorial on set, screamed expletives into the California night.

Are Americans falling out of love with Hollywood? Cinema attendance plummets to 25-year low | BETH STEBNER | Daily Mail UK
The report, by Goldman Sachs analysts Drew Borst and Fred Krom initiated coverage of movie theatre chains Cinemark Holdings Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group, saying that demand in the U.S. has steadily contracted as options for home entertainment improved and that attendance per person hit a 25-year low in 2011.

Pool Shark | John Brawley | Blog
John has been playing with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and has posted a few blogs about it:
Exposures were mostly T2.8 or T8 for when I was looking back at the windows. Shooting at ISO800 to ProRes 422 (HQ) in film mode. Post on this was that I pulled the clips into FCPx.
Check his blog for more information about the Blackmagic camera:
I did notice there were some differences in this material. For starters, there’s a few more “jaggies” compared to the first clip I uploaded. Now I’ll put this down to the workflow, because it was all very last minute at DP and we were grading on Baselight.

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