Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Blackmagic Design Acquires Assets of Cintel International | HD Magazine
Some are questioning why Blackmagic would buy a film scanning company, but they do make software for cleaning up film scans, so that's the connection:
This acquisition gives Blackmagic Design the ability to combine our vision and expertise with Cintel technology to provide the best technology for artists using film, more efficient and affordable ways to bring film into a digital workflow and better ways to archive and restore existing archive film worldwide.

Canon EOS M Video Roundup | PetaPixel
Links to some videos from around the web:
It’s been less than 24 hours since Canon announced their first mirrorless camera, and already the Internet is filling up with samples, commercials and hands-on videos for those interested in buying it when it arrives in October. Here’s a video roundup for the new Canon EOS M mirrorless ILC:

Mixing Formats: Arri Alexa, Canon 5D and C300 on a New Mexico DOT Spot
| Shane Hurlbut | Hurlblog
Shane explains why - and how - these different cameras were used:
We chose to shoot with a mixed format approach with the Arri Alexa, Canon 5D and the C300. I used each format to its advantage. The 5D was used for its shallow depth of field on Macro CU photography. We chose the Leica 60 and 100 macro lenses.
The Alexa was our A camera, shooting all of the graphic wides as well as the medium shots of destruction.

Quick Review: Canon C300 Super35mm LSS Cine Camera | Adam Wilt
| ProVideoCoalition
A look at the first hands-on experience with the camera, and a pros and cons list:
$16,000 seems like a lot of money these days for an 8-bit 1080p LSS camcorder; it’s the same cost as a Scarlet or a PMW-F3, and rather a bit more than the FS100, FS700, or AF100. But that $16,000 is buying you a camera that Just Works: it doesn’t need a lot of accessories to make it usable; its images are crisp, clean, and very appealing; its files are broadcaster-friendly and flow smoothly into post.

F65 Remote Control: Using the F65 Remote iPad App | Juliet Verni | AbelCine
Sony’s F65 Remote app for iPad is a great way to quickly access and change the most useful settings on the F65, including frame rate, shutter angle, and exposure index. In this blog I’m going to give you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to set up both the camera and your iPad’s network settings to connect using Sony’s CBK-WA01 Wi-Fi Adapter.

Budget 4K: The Next ‘New Thing’ | Wayne Cole | Government Video
A little history of 4K and where things stand for "low-end" equipment right now. Interesting to think that the manufacturers have moved to 4K because 3D didn't take off:
However, the common thread is that higher resolution video production seems to be trending to single chip technology instead of the standard three-chip infrastructure that has been accepted as “de rigueur” for professional production. The popularity of DSLR video production has shown that producers seem to prefer higher-resolution single CMOS imagers and access to film-quality glass to multiple, prism-fed charge-coupled devices (CCDs).

Gorropu Aerial shots | Karel | Vimeo
I'd like to know if they used stabilization for this:
Amazing aerial shots of the Gorropu canyon in Sardinia with SONY PMW-F3 camera.

The Meaning Behind Camera Movement! FilmRiot | YouTube
A discussion - with examples - of different kinds of camera moves and when - or  how - to use them to enhance the story.

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